business coach + consultant, specializing in epic messaging and strong biz foundations

I work with coaches, healers, online service providers, and creatives who work because they want to serve and support their clients and their readers and the world with their gifts in a way that feels incredibly valuable, helpful, and healing AND so that they can support and create a life that THEY themselves absolutely adore to live in.

[Sarah Elizabeth] has this really cool way of cutting through all of the bullshit and tearing down the walls people put up really fast. Maybe it’s just really strong intuition? Like she’s just really good at reading people? I met/spoke to her for the first time in NY and after talking for literally 5 minutes and answering 2 or 3 questions (that I was totally not expecting, but were the PERFECT questions to ask) she had pinpointed where I was stuck and why. It’s like she has a special way of pushing you outside your comfort zone without actually making you feel uncomfortable. I’ve never met anyone else that can do that....

She will make you a better person.

She will make you think about things from a new perspective that you have literally never thought of before (and that’s hard to do for chronic overthinkers like me).

She is blunt and says what other people are too scared to say, but she brings in so much positive energy with her that you welcome it instead of fearing it… I think a lot of people are scared to look deep enough and to hear the “real truth” about themselves about how they’re living their life/running their biz/communicating their message. They know it’s probably something they’re doing “wrong” and humans naturally fear change. But Sarah not only removes the fear, she makes you actually WANT to understand and be better without ever making you feel bad or wrong.

Brooke Lawson

Brand Strategist, Go Filament

Book Paying Clients

for coaches, healers, and online service providers

Creative Biz: For Real

for coaches, healers, and online service providers


for creatives, artists and writers

I work with creative, online entrepreneurs who are frustrated and overwhelmed with implementing their creative ideas and gaining momentum in their online businesses and help them to instead

• set up solid business foundations to grow on

• masterfully, easily, and authentically create sales with dreamboat clients

• and communicate with epic and powerful messaging and marketing

so that they can build a REAL business that they LOVE, that WORKS, that makes BANK, and that helps, serves, and supports the world in their mission, while enabling them to live a life that they absolutely ADORE.