Sarah Elizabeth Lahoud // media with insane heart

Business coach, specializing in technology and epic content strategy

I help creative online entrepreneurs build their impact through creative performance marketing.

I also help newbie creatives take their great business idea from idea and overwhelm to a real-life business by coaching them through the technology, systems, and strategies they need to build their business and book their first paying clients.

I’m a producer, performer, and teacher. And I love creating epic content in my business and teaching other creatives to do the same.

Let’s rediscover your creativity and bring purpose to your dreams and your dreams into the world.

writing + media business technology coach for creatives + entrepreneurs who offer

insane value


insane heart

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Sarah really has a fearless and inspiring ‘wake up, shake up’ approach to push you out of that comfort zone and follow the real dream, rather than the one that you convince yourself to follow just because it seems easier and safer.

Ria Gor

Coach + Marketer, The Creative Penguin

I have a cheerleader, a teacher, a mentor, and a trusted confidante that has allowed me to feel safer in my own vulnerabilities, and in sharing them with others. I’m blown away by the value I’ve received in working with Sarah Elizabeth one-on-one.

Erin Hill

Coach, A Beautiful Mess, LLC

My copy is so much tighter, I broke through my list-building plateau, and my Facebook post engagements are up by 194% and my page likes by 150% in the last 28 days. I’m getting noticed.

Kathy Mercure

Storyhealer, Kathy Mercure

You have big visions for your business:

  • Amazing clients
  • Big moolah
  • And awesome, creative projects that change and inspire the world (no big deal)

But it’s just not happening. 

Eight courses, a few clients, and many hundreds (*cough, cough* maybe thousands) of dollars later, you’re still

  • Struggling to stay on top of your to-do list
  • Struggling to know what to do next
  • Struggling to keep booking clients to keep you going

And it’s looking like you’re never going to finish (or start!) those epic creative projects you had ideas for… 

(because technology sucks)

It’s time to make it happen.

  • Sales on autopilot.
  • Meet your deadlines crazy far in advanced.
  • Work with epically awesome clients.
  • Massively grow your list + impact.
  • Guest starring opportunities just appear in your inbox.
  • And a regularly filled PayPal account.
  • Take guilt-free days off when you want to travel or get sick (the former freelancer’s daydream)

Sound like your kind of party? Let’s find out if we’re a good fit!

Get advice (i.e. read the blog)

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Did you think success was a fluke?

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How to stay committed to your creative business

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