About // Sarah Elizabeth Lahoud // business coach specializing in technology and epic content strategy

Who the heck is Sarah Elizabeth?

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With more than 10 years as a teacher and a coach, a performer and a director, I became a coach to help creatives become entrepreneurs and vice versa.


As a writer, I help my clients parse words, play with language, and get their messaging on point, but as a coach, I won’t let you play around with words all day. I’ll help you get that stuff done and out into the world where people will see it (and where it matters).


As a dancer and a singer (and a teacher of both), I believe in the power of performance and practice, which means I work on instilling these skills in my clients so that you can go out into the world confident and ready to be seen, ready to help, and ready to speak and perform in public (where it matters).


But as a director and producer (and a techie), I help you take those big gorgeous ideas of yours and make them real, distilling down the big scary world of technology and the 10,000 item to-do list of business, technology, and strategy into manageable steps and easy to learn ways.


I am a creative producer in my business. As well as a performer. As well as a mastermind.


And I want you to be, too.

  • Content Strategy 80%
  • Web + Media Tech 85%
  • Business Strategy 75%
  • Disney song knowledge 90%
Sarah Elizabeth is my first business coach,  and I’m so glad I made the decision to start working with her. I am more organized, have a better control of my time management and have a clearer vision on what I need to do when. I no longer feel overwhelmed by my first launch of a new service but rather look forward to each task. She’s quick as a wink and asks spot on questions that make me realize why I’m feeling stuck. This makes me concentrate on the cause and eliminate the problem altogether so that I can just move on. Jessica Lohmann

Voice Talent | Content Marketing Strategist, Jessica Lohmann

Clarity. Sarah Elizabeth hears everything you say but she really listens to what your heart is saying. And when that is reflected back to you by an “impartial observer”, the clarity hits you like a revelation… I was more committed than ever to push forward with my plans as I felt validated and focused after discussing my business hopes and my life priorities. Sarah Elizabeth is so easy to talk to, so business savvy and full of smarts that I wish I’d “met” her sooner in my creative journey!

Elle Richards

Blogger + Biz Owner, ElleRichards.com

Sarah Elizabeth Lahoud is a writing & media coach for creatives & entrepreneurs. Her heart-centered site, down-to-earth demeanor, and no-bullshit attitude is an immense help to writers and creatives everywhere. Her way of helping me was different than most people’s approach. She didn’t’ tell me what I should do. We just talked and through a genuine conversation, I figured it out myself. She didn’t allow me to bullshit myself and called me out on my uncomfortableness. After 6 weeks of mini epiphanies I had a clearer vision of what I wanted and stopped worrying about the “how” of things. Taylor Davis

Writer + Coach, Find the Freedom Project

Things we can work on

(Also known as, "Sarah Elizabeth, what do you even know?")


  • Conquering Wordpress gremlins
  • Defeating Mailchimp goblins
  • Battling Leadpages monsters
  • Outsmarting webinar poltergeists
  • Besting most tech evildoers and troublemakers that come with running your own online creative business, including but not limited to getting a clear handle on your websites, automatic sales funnels + automation, social media technology, and production and marketing strategy.


  • Effortless, gorgeous, epic, inspiring content (that converts)
  • Awesome, easy, simple, epic copy (that sells)
  • Helping you get CLEAR on your ideal client so that your content and copy speaks right to her
  • And helping you tighten up your writing to the point of effortless epic, every time


  • Breaking your big, dream-size, life-size goals into simple steps and strategies, including
  • Booking your first awesome client
  • Booking out your business for consistent income
  • Getting a handle on the systems and strategy to stay organized, clear, and grow your business

Other talents that make an appearance in my work

  • Film
  • Sound
  • Performance
  • Production
  • Making silly faces

Let’s be best business friends (BBFs).

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