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Book Paying Clients

An intensive 1:1 coaching program that gets you in front of your ideal client, with packages and prices that you both adore, and confident and comfortable with facilitating an amazing and authentic sales conversation so that you can build your visibility online and book paying clients with confidence and zero sleaze.

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Are you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with booking consistent and paying clients in your creative business?

It can feel really easy to book clients one minute – if you break it down you only need to book two new clients a month at your full price in order to meet your next income goal.

And then the next it feels impossible – where on earth do you find those clients when you keep hearing “I’m sure you’re worth it, but I just can’t afford that right now.”

If you’re feeling like you gotta put every freakin’ moment into this business and still aren’t seeing the return, then girl, I know how you feel.

I used to start every month with a big, elaborate plan about how to book the two clients I needed that month. I’d put in 10-15 hours of work every day, and as the mont progressed, I’d get more and more stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated, and just plain NERVOUS that it wasn’t working.

I had no idea where to find clients, how to talk to them once I did find them, and how to keep booking CONSISTENT clients every month.

That big elaborate plan I always had never seemed to work. Even though I was doing all the right strategies, something wasn’t clicking.

There were some simple pieces missing for me. Once I mastered those, I started booking paying clients. Every single month.

I created Book Paying Clients because it took me two years, thousands and thousands of dollars, countless hours, and training in dozens and dozens of business and sales strategies to find my own sweet spot in booking paying clients in my creative business.

So much of the training out there trains you in old sales models or just hands you a script and says, “Good luck.”

There wasn’t a program out there that worked on all the pieces that got ME the biggest results in my business. There wasn’t a program out there that focused on selling without sleaze and changed with the industry as more and more heart-centered businesses show up on the scene. And there definitely wasn’t a program out there that helped you through the mindset pieces that are utterly necessary for booking paying clients in your creative business.

As a client myself, I’ve been on so many bad sales calls that it’s my goal to bring authenticity back to sales.

Because it’s not just about booking paying clients. It’s about serving and supporting your people.

And you can’t do that if you’re just following a script.

In Book Paying Clients, I show you how to tap into your own confidence for sales, how to facilitate conversations with heart and authenticity while getting in front of ideal clients so that you can book clients with ease, confidence, and absolutely zero sleaze.

In Book Paying Clients, we’ll work on:

turning your idea into a clear vision that you’re confident about and comfortable with so that you can start implementing your creative ideas instead of being paralyzed in overwhelm and frustration

– setting goals and a strategy so that you can get a big ROI on this and any program and start booking paying clients

– getting clear on your niche and your ideal client so that you can speak right to them and build your visibility online

packaging and pricing your services so that you can communicate them clearly and powerfully and so that your ideal client falls in LOVE with them

– building your visibility online so that you can build your list with DREAM clients and so that you can book more and consistent paying clients!

facilitating an amazing and authentic sales conversation so that you can talk to potential clients with confidence and zero sleaze

The Details

Program length: 6 weeks

Included: six 1:1 coaching calls, weekly email and Messenger support, tech trainings

Step #1, in which we’ll turn your ideas into a clear vision and ready your biz to book paying clients. We’ll make sure all of your foundations are strong, your confidence is there, and your offer is on point.

Step #2, in which we’ll understand your ideal client so that you can use their language, package and price your services so that both you and your ideal fall in love with them, and set up your sales strategy to get ready to book consistent and paying clients

Step #3, in which we’ll work on facilitating a fabulous and authentic sales conversations that convert and bring in dream clients. We’ll also work on learning to bust big objections quickly and easily, while providing a strong space for your clients to make decisions quickly.

Step #4, in which we will build your visibility online so that you can book consistent and paying clients from consistent and dream-boat leads

Step #5, in which we’ll optimize and troubleshoot your new booking paying clients system while piecing together your next steps to go from booking consistent clients into building a consistent (and epically fun) business and life.

Tech trainings: Workbooks and video tutorials that will walk you through setting up your payment processor, your booking calendar, and everything you need to book paying clients and build your visibility online so that we can spend our precious 1:1 time on coaching and optimizing.

Investment: $2500

How It Works

My business is busy (thanks to the system I teach in Book Paying Clients! *wink*), and this program isn’t right for everyone.

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If we’re a good fit, I’ll be in touch within 2 business days to set up a time to talk!

AND because I know it’s tough nuggets to wait for our first call together… 

As a special bonus, you get INSTANT ACCESS to my popular Client Booking Wizardress Worshops, 2 powerful, pre-recorded workshops to hit the ground running, give you a million ideas, and give you a head start so that our precious one-on-one time together is amazing and exactly what you REALLY need, and not just focused on going over information and materials.

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