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Book Paying Clients

An intensive 1:1 coaching program that gets you in front of your ideal client, with packages and prices that you both adore, and confident and comfortable with facilitating an amazing and authentic sales conversation so that you can build your visibility online and book paying clients with confidence and zero sleaze.

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Are you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with booking consistent and paying clients in your creative business?

It can feel really easy to book clients one minute – if you break it down you only need to book two new clients a month at your full price in order to meet your next income goal.

And then the next it feels impossible – where on earth do you find those clients when you keep hearing “I’m sure you’re worth it, but I just can’t afford that right now.”

If you’re feeling like you gotta put every freakin’ moment into this business and still aren’t seeing the return, then girl, I know how you feel.

I used to start every month with a big, elaborate plan about how to book the two clients I needed that month. I’d put in 10-15 hours of work every day, and as the mont progressed, I’d get more and more stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated, and just plain NERVOUS that it wasn’t working.

I had no idea where to find clients, how to talk to them once I did find them, and how to keep booking CONSISTENT clients every month.

That big elaborate plan I always had never seemed to work. Even though I was doing all the right strategies, something wasn’t clicking.

There were some simple pieces missing for me. Once I mastered those, I started booking paying clients. Every single month.

What would it feel like if you KNEW, without a shadow of a doubt, that you would book your goal number of dream clients next month? And the next month? And the next month?

You KNEW you would make your income goals.

You KNEW the clients were coming in.

And you KNEW they were going to be amazing to work with.

I overcame being afraid of booking clients. I have 3 actual, paying clients when before I had zero, so that’s definitely progress!
The biggest change in my business since working together has been mostly in my attitude. You gave me belief. I know I want this. I want to be successful.
Heather Hartman

Nutrition + Wellness Coach, Heather Hartman Coaching

I created Book Paying Clients because it took me two years, thousands and thousands of dollars, countless hours, and training in dozens and dozens of business and sales strategies to find my own sweet spot in booking paying clients in my creative business.

So much of the training out there trains you in old sales models or just hands you a script and says, “Good luck.”

There wasn’t a program out there that worked on all the pieces that got ME the biggest results in my business. There wasn’t a program out there that focused on selling without sleaze and changed with the industry as more and more heart-centered businesses show up on the scene. And there definitely wasn’t a program out there that helped you through the mindset pieces that are utterly necessary for booking paying clients in your creative business.

As a client myself, I’ve been on so many bad sales calls that it’s my goal to bring authenticity back to sales.

Because it’s not just about booking paying clients. It’s about serving and supporting your people.

And you can’t do that if you’re just following a script.

In Book Paying Clients, I show you how to tap into your own confidence for sales, how to facilitate conversations with heart and authenticity while getting in front of ideal clients so that you can book clients with ease, confidence, and absolutely zero sleaze.

In Book Paying Clients, we’re going to get you…

• clear and oh-so-confident on what you’re offering and how you’re offering it so that you can start implementing your creative business ideas instead of being paralyzed in overwhelm and frustration and not knowing where the right place to focus your efforts is

• set up with a package and price that you abso-freaking-lutely adore and sells with ease, grace, and authenticity

• confident and comfortable in setting up and facilitating AMAZING and transformational sales conversations so that you can book paying clients AND do it without the sleaze, stress, or trickery

The Details

Program length: 6 weeks

Included: six 1:1 coaching calls, weekly email and Messenger support, tech trainings

Step #1, in which we’ll turn your ideas into a clear vision and ready your biz to book paying clients. We’ll make sure all of your foundations are strong, your confidence is there, and your offer is on point.

Step #2, in which we’ll understand your ideal client so that you can use their language, package and price your services so that both you and your ideal fall in love with them, and set up your sales strategy to get ready to book consistent and paying clients

Step #3, in which we’ll work on facilitating a fabulous and authentic sales conversations that convert and bring in dream clients. We’ll also work on learning to bust big objections quickly and easily, while providing a strong space for your clients to make decisions quickly.

Step #4, in which we will build your visibility online so that you can book consistent and paying clients from consistent and dream-boat leads

Step #5, in which we’ll optimize and troubleshoot your new booking paying clients system while piecing together your next steps to go from booking consistent clients into building a consistent (and epically fun) business and life.

Tech trainings: Workbooks and video tutorials that will walk you through setting up your payment processor, your booking calendar, and everything you need to book paying clients and build your visibility online so that we can spend our precious 1:1 time on coaching and optimizing.

Investment: $2500

How It Works

My business is busy (thanks to the system I teach in Book Paying Clients! *wink*), and this program isn’t right for everyone.

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If we’re a good fit, I’ll be in touch within 2 business days to set up a time to talk!


AND because I know it’s tough nuggets to wait for our first call together… 

As a special bonus, you get INSTANT ACCESS to my popular Client Booking Wizardress Worshops, 2 powerful, pre-recorded workshops to hit the ground running, give you a million ideas, and give you a head start so that our precious one-on-one time together is amazing and exactly what you REALLY need, and not just focused on going over information and materials.

Over six hours of content, with instant access…

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Sarah Elizabeth and I immediately connected.  Although I was expecting strictly business content and strategy coaching, I received SO MUCH MORE.  I feel I have a cheerleader, a teacher, a mentor, and a trusted confidant that has allowed me to feel safer in my own vulnerabilities, and in sharing them with others.  I’m blown away by the value I’ve received in working with her one on one.  Not to mention her group workshops!   Thank you Sarah Elizabeth, for helping me make A Beautiful Mess a reality

Erin Hill

Coach, A Beautiful Mess, LLC

I felt much clearer on what I needed to do to achieve my goals. Sarah Elizabeth pulled no punches and told me what I needed to hear, rather than what I wanted to hear. She identified areas which I needed to revisit and gain clarity. Her no-nonsense, supportive approach, coupled with her ability to make you feel at ease, really helped me in gaining clarity around what I wanted to achieve and how to achieve it. I would recommend her to anyone needing support with their business and online communication.

Alison McClean

Blogger & Biz Owner

Got questions?

• Will this work if I’m a service provider, like a web designer or VA? 

Absolutely. The basics of my client-booking methods come from my own freelancing career, which means that all of the strategies can EASILY be adapted to match your work as a service provider. I’ve run through this process with business owners of all kinds, from VAs and web designers to coaches and consultants even to authors and retreat leaders. NOT TO MENTION, we’re going to be working closely together 1:1 for WEEKS, so there will be so much opportunity to tailor any strategy TO YOU and to what lights you the fuck up!

We will be focusing heavily on one-to-one sales, as well as building your numbers and leads for CONSISTENT sales, which works for any service based business, from coaching to virtual assisting.


• Will this work if I’m a NEW coach? 

Most definitely. Most people who are JUST starting out in coaching have two big hurdles to jump. Firstly, you need experience (and confidence in your own ability to coach and lead). And secondly, you need a way to consistently build your business (rather than focusing on all the longer term, slower moving business growth strategies like content, list building, webinars, etc.).

This program addresses both of those things. By giving you simple and easy tools and strategies that you can apply RIGHT NOW to start booking consistent clients WHILE you build up your slower moving business growth strategies in the background AND by getting you to absolutely masterful and powerful messaging that not only demonstrates your value and work CLEARLY to your potential clients BUT ALSO teaches you to recognize your OWN experience and ability and hone your coaching skills all at the same time.

My clients who’ve worked through this program and worked with me in the past leave not just with really strong and persuasive, authentic messaging but also with oodles of confidence in their own ability AND they leave as better coaches than when they came in.


• Will this work for me if I’m NOT a new coach? 

That depends on one thing, my dear. Do you feel like a new coach?

Oftentimes, coaches who are truthfully really good at what they do once they have a client sitting in front of them, struggle with one big idea: How do I translate the magic that I am able to create with my clients behind closed doors into new clients and potential clients coming in? 

i.e. How do I let people know how good I am?

That is exactly the point of BPC live. If you are brilliant at what you do (or you feel like you might be but no one outside of your client roster seems to see it in you and you constantly feel like you have to justify or explain yourself ad nauseum to new people), then we need to work on your messaging OUTSIDE of your client calls.

The world needs to know how good you are at what you do.

Part of that is going to be able learning about how amazing you are at what you do, exploring your skills and methods and expertise, and growing in confidence of it all.

And part of that is going to be able to SAY it. In your marketing, in your messaging, and everywhere else. So that you’re not berating new people or justifying how good you are.

They just see it. Instantly. And go “Oh fuck, I need her!”


• Why do you love this program, Sarah? 

Here’s the truth.

There is no one in the industry teaching this stuff like this.

And there is no way that I would be where I am in life and business if I had never learned it.

We all start our businesses to have freedom, to travel the world, to say yes to more of what we want, to support our families and those we care about, and to be able to serve and support the world in a way that feels amazing and fulfills a mission for us.

And we spend years essentially bumbling around in the dark without direction, without results, and slowly eroding our trust in ourselves and our ability to actually achieve everything we wish to.

This program is my way of shocking the system.

Without these skills and this method, I would not be in California typing this right now.

And without teaching these skills and this method, I would not be doing what I want to do most.

Which is help those who are sick of fucking about and ready to move forward do exactly that.


• How do I know if I should do book paying clients right now with you Sarah?

If the “beginning” of your business has lasted longer than 3 months, do BPC.

If you want to ensure that the beginning of your business will be 3 months or less, do BPC.

If you’re a new coach and still not sure if you’re cut out for this (though you know you are at the same time), do BPC.

If you’re a service provider who’s still working more than 20+ hours a week and making less than $2000/month, do BPC.

If you’re dependent on luck, referrals, or stumbling upon the perfect client in Safeway and/or Target, do BPC.

If you’re ready to move to California, travel the world, or just support your household like a boss, do BPC.

If you’re not sure, do BPC.

(No I’m kidding. If you’re not sure, email me at and we’ll figure out if it’s the right decision together.)

But basically, I think you should do BPC.

If you’re ready to book clients like yesterday, ahem, I mean in the next six weeks, get your ass in BPC.


• Do I have to use all of my 1:1 hours with you in the 6 weeks?

Absolutely. It’s called momentum, beauty.

Obviously, life comes up. I might have to reschedule a call, you might have to reschedule a call. I am as flexible as I can be with those things, and there are ways that we can extend if utterly necessary.


Here’s the truth. Maturity, growth, being a badass boss who gets what she wants means moving your life forward even on the days when you don’t want to.

Sometimes, you won’t want to get on your 1:1 call with me. You’ll feel like putting it off. You won’t feel ready. It’ll just be one of those days.

I get that.

But the people who get the results in my programs are the ones who get in the room, even when they don’t feel good, even when they’re not sure they’re going to get anything out of it, and even when they don’t feel prepared.

Because they know that when they show up, they will always get exactly what they need.

So yes, you need to use all of your 1:1 calls within a certain timeframe, though the EXACT six weeks can be flexible.

Because that, dear one, is how you’re going to get results.

(And isn’t that why you’re here?)