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Sarah is the missing link for businesses that serve from the heart. Before working with her, I couldn’t figure out how to make my business fit the standardized mold of courses that teach how to make money in business.

Kathy Mercure

Storyhealer, Kathy Mercure

Sarah really has a fearless and inspiring ‘wake up, shake up’ approach to push you out of that comfort zone and follow the real dream, rather than the one that you convince yourself to follow just because it seems easier and safer.

Ria Gor

Coach + Marketer, The Creative Penguin

Clarity. Sarah Elizabeth hears everything you say but she really listens to what your heart is saying. And when that is reflected back to you by an “impartial observer”, the clarity hits you like a revelation…

Elle Richards

Blogger + Biz Owner,

Life after working together

  • You’re clear on your business
  • You implement the tech stuff – landing pages, sales funnels, your epic website, and allll your creative projects – without taking days and/or weeks to figure something out
  • You find and book (real-life) clients on autopilot
  • You pull in consistent income from your business
  • You work with rockstar clients you adore
  • And a regularly filled PayPal account.
  • You take guilt-free days off when you want to travel or get sick (the former freelancer’s daydream)
  • You close the computer at 4pm for the day.
  • You take time to cuddle your puppy.
  • And skype your mom.
  • And buy the new laptop you need for work.
  • And you spring for the good health insurance because you know you’ve got that consistent income coming in next month.

Technology = Creative Power Business Mastery Program

A 1:1 coaching program that gets you consistent income and time-money freedom in your business.

6 months


The Creative Business = For Real Program

A 1:1 coaching program that will help you get clear on your business’ purpose and strategy, implement the right technology and systems for your business, and find and book real-life clients.

3 months


Your Next Step Clarity + Strategy Sesh

A 1:1 strategy call that will give you a clear strategy to get you toward your next business milestone and the simple step-by-step process you need to take action and make it happen.



Things we can work on

(Also known as, “Sarah Elizabeth, what do you even know?”)


  • Conquering WordPress gremlins
  • Defeating Mailchimp goblins
  • Battling Leadpages monsters
  • Outsmarting webinar poltergeists
  • Besting most tech evildoers and troublemakers that come with running your own online creative business, including but not limited to getting a clear handle on your websites, automatic sales funnels + automation, social media technology, and production and marketing strategy.


  • Effortless, gorgeous, epic, inspiring content (that converts)
  • Awesome, easy, simple, epic copy (that sells)
  • Helping you get CLEAR on your ideal client so that your content and copy speaks right to her
  • And helping you tighten up your writing to the point of effortless epic, every time


  • Breaking your big, dream-size, life-size goals into simple steps and strategies, including
  • Booking your first awesome client
  • Booking out your business for consistent income
  • Getting a handle on the systems and strategy to stay organized, clear, and grow your business

Other talents that make an appearance in my work

  • Film
  • Sound
  • Performance
  • Production
  • Making silly faces

Sarah Elizabeth, who?

With more than 9 years of experience as a teacher and coach for all ages and with more nerding out experience in tech and epic content than I sometimes care to admit (nevermind: I’m proud), I started coaching because there’s nothing that excites me more than seeing my clients create some epic stuff and change the world with their business, their service, and their talents.

My clients have gone from hobbyists, bloggers, and daydreaming creatives to powerhouse businesswomen serving the world with their unique gifts and giving purpose to their dreams and creativity.

By combining my unique expertise of technology, media, writing, performance, film, and sound technology, we work together not just to get your business up and running but to do it with insane value, insane heart, and epic amounts of creativity and fun.

Want to chat it out? Hit me up for a complimentary coaching session. Get some clarity, plan some strategy, and see if we’re a great fit!