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Your Gorgeous, Optimized Website

for increased sales and traffic in your creative business

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

– a simple strategy for turning your website into a sleek, professional showcase for your business (no matter what host or platform you’re using)

– the basics behind the web, how it works, how to optimize your website for constantly and steadily increasing traffic, in really simple, actionable steps that promise no tech overwhelm whatsoever

– a simple breakdown of SEO, back linking, and other traffic driving forces in the web world, including best practices for driving web traffic in your unique industry

I’ll also share a behind-the-scenes look at my own website, including how I optimize my website content and technology for ever growing sales and traffic.

*This was a live taught workshop with follow-up tech trainings on Google Analytics and optimizing your website tech training. Your purchase will include a replay of the original workshop, as well as follow-up tech trainings on Google Analytics and how to optimize your content and copy on your website for higher conversions.

You’ll also get a chance to book a free 20 minute website assessment with me where we’ll sit down together, talk about what you’ve been doing with your website up until now, and offering some tips and strategies to optimize your website even further.*


Your investment: $40

Putting Sales on Autopilot

with Simple + Epic Content

People click (sometimes) your Facebook post.

They peek at your blog post or sales page.

And then…


But content and copy (i.e. the most important words in your business (double entendre)) have the power to increase your sales, grow your list, and position you as the expert that you are!

In this pitch-free webinar, you’ll learn to hone in on your writing, language, and content plan to grow your list, engage your readers, and put sales on autopilot.

Ready for some epic content?

(No more frazzled, disorganized, and comment-less copy for you!)

*This was a live taught workshop with follow-up tech trainings on getting clear on your ideal client, creating powerful content, and optimizing your content for higher conversions. Your purchase will include a replay of the original workshop, as well as follow-up tech trainings. 

You’ll also get a chance to book a free 20 minute Up the Conversion Ante assessment with me where we’ll sit down together, talk about your sales and list building strategies up until now, how you can start optimizing it for higher sales and higher quality conversions, and how to just generally make your content more epic.*


Your investment: $40

I Get Sh!t Done

You want to work on big creative projects, have a PayPal filled with moolah, and have the time and money freedom to spend time with those who are important to you.

It’s why you started your business in the first place.

But all of that takes a seriously kick-butt sense of productivity.

And instead of getting sh!t done, you just get distracted. And spend every day rewriting the same tasks on your to-do list, feeling like you’re never, ever getting ahead.

Just another day without being booked out.

Or your course done.

Or money in the bank for the European vacation.

I want you to have an epic 2017. A 2017 that makes 2016 jealous and go, “Hot damn. I didn’t think you could do it.” And a 2017 that makes a part of you go, “Hot damn, I always knew you could…”

Purchase once and get all the course updates ever made (big revamp planned for April 2017)

In this expansive productivity training, you’ll learn my step-by-simple-step strategy for setting goals, building strategies, and staying productive in order to kick 2017 in the pants.

This simple system is the same one I use myself and with each and everyone of my clients.

  • Analyze what happened in 2016 (and why)
  • Set simple, concise, and specific goals for 2017
  • Build yourself a strategy for getting them done
  • And learn to be a productivity powerhouse to get allllll the stuff done this year and always

*This program includes 3 audio modules, Strategy Pages, and more than an hour of content. You’ll also receive all future updates of the course, even as the price goes up, for no extra cost.*


Your investment: $60

Grammar of Multimedia

create powerful content across media, including audio, video, and image

We’re used to writing. Blogging, copywriting, content writing. We’re pretty good at it.

But filming video or creating your first podcast is a whole other ballgame.

In this training, I’ll walk you through the basics of creating epic content across media, including how to record great, professional looking video and audio, how to optimize your multimedia content for increased conversions and value, and how to develop your critical eye, no matter how comfortable (or uncomfortable) you are with video, audio, and the lot.

This training includes:

  • over an hour of video tutorials, including Recording Video: The Basics, Recording Audio: The Basics, and how to optimize your multimedia content
  • two workbooks around creation and editing and optimizing your multimedia content in your creative business
  • a free 20 minute 1:1 coaching call with me where we can go over your multimedia content strategy and I’ll help you optimize it for a bigger impact and overall epicness


*Your purchase includes all updates for the lifetime of this course, no extra charge.*


Your investment: $60

How-the-Heck SEO

understanding search engine optimization for your creative business

Up until now, SEO has been a looming presence – something that’s super important that just no one understands. But SEO is simply the computer’s way of understanding human value and trustworthiness, and it can never hurt your website, only enhance it.

With the basics covered in the tutorials and this workbook, you will understand not only how to optimize your website with keywords in content and code, but you will also have the underlying understanding you need to write both organic and paid media for your business that will be valuable to both your users and the Google and Facebook computer gods.


The tutorial contains:

  • How-the-Heck SEO Introduction
  • Keyword Research
  • SEO for Blog Posts
  • SEO for a Whole Website
  • Downloadable workbook


Your investment: $40

Writing for Algorithms

Create Facebook posts and ads that are so epic, no algorithm will prevent people from seeing it….

In this training, you’ll learn:

  • How Facebook specifically (and the Internet generally) reads your writing
  • How to boost your engagement in organic Facebook posts
  • How to make the most of your Facebook ads by understanding how their algorithms work
  • How to keep up with all the Facebook algorithm updates (and never say something like, “Facebook business pages are worthless” again!)

*Your purchase includes all updates of this training for the life of the course. Pay once, and get all the updates, whenever they come out!*


Your investment: $40

Are you frustrated and overwhelmed with your messaging and content strategy?

You’re doing all the right things – posting on Facebook, running ads, creating lead magnets and email sequences – doing all the pieces you’re SUPPOSED to be doing and you’re still not seeing the sales (or ANY other conversions for that matter).

If you’re feeling like something’s just not JIVING in your marketing, not clicking, not feeling like you, not speaking to your ideal clients, not all the way there…

The truth is that if you’re doing everything right in your marketing pieces, you’re not doing anything wrong. 

It just needs a little optimization.

In this powerful training, we will look at your content and copy and…

• learn how to identify where your conversion rates are falling off and why so that you can identify the problem accurately and start improving your conversion rates

• develop an eye for the strategy and elements of your content and other marketing pieces, including images, placement, and more, so that you can optimize your words for higher conversions and bigger impact

• clarify your messaging and write powerful and epic content and copy so that you can create conversion magic throughout your creative business, increase sales and opt-ins with ease and speak right to your clients with power and authenticity

Grab all the trainings and save!

Get lifetime access to all of the trainings in the shop, and save!


*Your purchase includes all of the trainings in the shop at the time of purchase and any updates to those trainings that may be released in future. It does not include any trainings that may be added to the shop in future.*


Your investment: $300 (save $40)


Grab this ultimate checklist to boost sales, attract dream clients, and increase conversions in your creative business for ZERO dollars. 

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