I stand for financial freedom. I stand for soulmate relationships and friendships. Soulmate work. And for that feeling of embodiment that comes from deep healing, deep knowing and acknowledgement of our own deep worthiness, and the joy of life and experience and voice that comes with that. 

I stand for your business, your life, that, together and with the right (for you) space and container and support, you get to do work you adore, with people you adore working with, creating a world you love living in, while being completely and utterly you in a life designed for you and by you. 

I believe that BUSINESS, in the way that I believe in it, not the traditional sense, is one of the most powerful vessels for you to be, do, and have all of that.

Also I stand for that this is for everyone. 

And for that reason I believe in a safe space. A space for EVERYONE to figure themselves out, to find themselves, to heal themselves, to be heard, to be seen. A safe space for you to make mistakes, to voice your fears and your hurts, and to support others to do the same. 

A safe space for every single person who I encounter and who walks through the doors of my life and business. 

For every person I encounter on the street or on my morning coffee run or sitting next to me on the airplane. 

And for every single client, for every single reader, and for everyone who is touched in some way – large or small – by my work. 

It’s a beautiful thing to say. A safe space. 

But I also believe two things. 

The coaching industry isn’t always filled with safe spaces. Whether by intention or not. 

Meaning many in our industry are very focused on money, on success, on building something – whether for their own gain or not. 

And that we don’t always KNOW how to create a safe space – for either ourselves or for those around us – our clients, our readers, the world. 

Business, to me, is different than many people’s perceptions of it. 

It’s not about making money. It’s about having and being financial freedom. 

And I will say that that’s something I achieved. And continue to live in and embody.

It doesn’t mean that it looks the way you think.

I don’t make a million dollars a year at the moment. 

But I do always have enough money, more than enough money, to invest in the things that I want to spend money on. 

And that I always have more on the way, the security of knowing that I can always bring in money, the safety of knowing that I am always taken care of. 

It doesn’t always mean that I hit my perceived targets of success. 

But it does mean that I’m always able to come back to, to embody, safety for myself and my work, knowing that I’m okay, and knowing that I love what I do and I do what I love. Every day. 

It doesn’t always mean that I’m working, always making money. Sometimes it means, like it has in the last year, that I take time to work, and take time to not make as much money. 

Knowing that I always have enough, more than enough, to feel free and and to feel safe. 

And that I am divinely and totally compensated. 

And that has always been true. 

And this is exactly what I teach you to do. Through working with me, through reading through my posts and my work.

First and foremost, creating financial freedom and safety for yourself. And creating safety and security and freedom for your clients and for your work, your passions. 

I haven’t written you much in the last year or so. 

And there have been many reasons for that. 

The practical side of me wants to point out all the practical, even strategic, reasons for that. 

I have been busy behind the scenes. (That’s true). 

I have been busy in my social media channels (That’s true). 

I have been revamping all of my programs, top to bottom (That’s true). 

I have been working on more financially accessible ways to work with me (That’s true). 

And I have been working on my less-obviously-business world work, such as finishing my book, working in the film studios, and writing articles. (All true, and yet ALL are, in a way we can talk about another day, part of my business work). 

But the real reason I haven’t written you in a while is simpler than all that, and something I wasn’t always aware of, though the awareness would come as flashes here and there over the last year… 

The real reason is because it wasn’t aligned with me. 

It didn’t feel right. 

I knew it wasn’t the right time, somewhere deep inside. 

The more judgemental voices in my head would pipe up and say things like ‘you need to be strategically consistent, even if you have nothing to say’ because, logically, that’s basic strategy. 

Then there was ‘but you can’t just abandon your readers!’ But I knew that writing to you when it wasn’t aligned wouldn’t help anyone, especially you. 

And then the more business minded voices in my head, the voices that I know to give power to, the voices I’m always telling YOU to give more power to would say this: 

‘It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t look logical on paper. You’ll KNOW what is the right thing for you, and when is the right time for you.’ 

‘And because it’s the right time for you, it’s the right time for your readers as well.’

And with all the logical reasons and excuses in my head, I knew it was true. 

For me, life IS business… but not business as you may think of it… business that’s here to make money, business that’s here to do the right thing by someone else’s standard, business that’s about trendy strategies and all that jazz. 

There’s strategy, powerful messaging, a brilliant offer in my business – all staples of what business means on a larger scale. 

And all things that are so, so important. 

But for me, my business IS my work. And my work is EVERY THING about who I am, what I do, and what I stand for. 

And without that energy, that strategy, that messaging, that offer is almost worthless, and definitely unsustainable. 

‘Business’ is leading (by example and by real coaching and powerful mentorship) people to financial freedom. 

‘Business’ is leading (same as above) people to a safe space, their life’s work and passion, creating a world where we are all ourselves and prosper in that. 

‘Business’ is financial freedom, soulmate relationships and friends, soulmate work, and every part of who we are, how we show up, what we create, and what we do every day. 

I didn’t write to you for a while because it wasn’t the right thing for me, for my business. 

And because of that, I have to believe, that it wasn’t the right thing for you either. 

It wasn’t fully aligned as yet, and so, while it’s a good business strategy in a logical sense, it wasn’t the right thing for MY business, my life, for a while. 

I waited until it was a fully body yes. 

Is it still a bit challenging to sit down and write this to you today? 

Absolutely. I’ve faced writer’s block, fears, and ‘where does this fit into my strategy?’ thoughts all morning. 

But I’m doing it now, despite and because of those thoughts and fears, because, despite the logic, I know it’s the right thing. 

I’ve spent a lifetime learning how to hear and choose the ‘right thing’ for me and for my work and business. 

And I’ve spent a decade helping you and all of my readers and clients learn to do the same thing. 

NOT writing, to me, was a demonstration of all that makes a business successful, in whatever sense ‘success’ means for you.

Permission, let’s say, to do it your way. No matter what others’ say, no matter what the judgement, the fears, or the ‘logic’ says. 

Because YOUR way is the most powerful way to do your work, to help people, and to live a life you really really adore. 

To build a BUSINESS, in every sense of the word as we hear it, that is the best embodiment of ‘what is the right thing for YOU? What’s the difference between fears that stop you from doing the right thing for you and the fears that stop you because it’s NOT maybe the right thing for you?’ 

And I aim, always, to be that demonstration AS WELL as that teacher of that very principle. 

Because I believe in YOUR financial freedom, YOUR soulmate relationships and friendships, YOUR soulmate work, YOUR life and YOUR business, whatever those look like for you. 

For me they look a certain way. 

For you they look different. 

The principles behind that is the same. 

And it starts with a full body yes. And a safe space for all. 

Welcome to the new newsletter. 

I’m so glad you’re here.