Why should I bother? Reasons to Keep Building Your Business, Even When You Don't Want To

So, um, why bother?

Like literally. That’s an actual question. 

Why should I bother sending you this message?

Why should I bother spending so much time huddled over my computer prepping, writing, building, emailing?

Why does anyone start a business? Have a job? Volunteer? Waste their time anywhere, really?

Literally. I’m asking.

Why do you do it?

And after all that work, who gets to be successful? What sets them apart? 

Are they lucky?

Are they just more apt for certain things than others?

Did they have a lot more money to invest in college, personal trainers, acting academies, vocal coaches, or business programs than the rest of us?

Like, seriously. Why are they successful?

And is there any hope for me? Why should I bother if there’s no hope for me?

If I’ll never be successful, why should I bother?

And yet I do.

I have missed a few emails for you, in the past (I’m sorry. Again).

I have not bothered with social media sometimes.

I have certainly called it quits early in the day, late in the night, and stayed up all night going, Sarah Elizabeth, this is all so ridiculous why are you still doing it? (All at different times, obviously. Just to be clear.)

But I still bother.

And so do you.

We bother, we keep bothering, when there’s a bigger reason. 

It sounds so cliche, but it’s true.

I don’t write this email to you simply because I like hearing my fingers hit keys on the laptop (though I have to say I kind of enjoy that. It’s weirdly satisfying).

I write it because I want to serve, to share, and to grow myself. 

I don’t stay up late worrying about my clients because I like having bags under my eyes when I talk to them in the morning.

I worry because I want to serve, I want them to succeed.

I don’t post on Facebook, Pinterest, and wherever else because I find social media relaxing, intuitive, or uplifting.

I do it because by spreading my message, I know that I’m spreading something important.

I believe in that something important. (most of the time)

And even on days when I don’t believe in it, I trust in that belief that was there yesterday, that might be back tomorrow, that there’s a purpose in my life, in my dreams, and in living them. 

There’s a lot more that I want to accomplish, do, see, be, and wanting that stuff keeps me going, too.

What makes people successful?


We’re not after just success, we’re not after just money, we’re not after just doing it, just bothering.

We’re after it because there’s something we want, a life that we have felt – on some level and at some point, however briefly – that should be ours, that really is ours on some other level. It’s time to go after it. 

It’s time to be of service.

It’s time to trust yourself.

It’s time to live your dreams. To believe in their value and purpose (and to trust in that truth, even when the belief deserts you for a while).

It’s time for something f!@#ing epic. 

Will you bother? 

Yours in belief,

P.S. Belief is hard to come by, but even if you find it, figuring out HOW to get there definitely feels overwhelming sometimes.

But it doesn’t have to be.

If you’re ready for a bit of clarity, support on your journey, and some serious action (and hard work), I’d love to help.

Join me on a complimentary Power Call, and we’ll get clear on your dreams, your wants, and how to get you there.

You ready?