It’s hard to show up sometimes.

I mean, content is queen, consistency is key, masterful messaging is (or should be) fun for you, helpful for your readers, and a coach of its own and support system for your clients.

But I’ll admit, even I, the woman who adores writing, lives to teach and coach and help people, and has a simple ‘we can solve this’ energy and answer to any problem or issue we have…. even I struggle with a content calendar sometimes.

Or I should say I used to…

Here’s how I changed that…

Years ago, when I was first starting out in my business, I started with content. Back in 2015, that’s what everyone did. Most businesses online that I had encountered had come from blogs and were earning money from sponsorships and e-products (or even Etsy or Shopify stores). I had tons of content, but I found it difficult to be consistent. In the blog world, it felt like I was ALWAYS having to come up with new topics, new angles. And even if I did come up with the ’52 content ideas to flesh out your whole year’ that the freebies and paid products I had downloaded online told me to do, I still had to MAKE all that content (and if you ever ran one of those lifestyle blogs like I did, you know that it’s not just writing and editing and posting and scheduling involved… we’re talking pictures (and creating whatever is IN those pictures) as well.)

Switching to the coaching business felt like a BREATH of fresh air for me content wise. I no longer had to, let’s say, carve pumpkins in order to create my blog post for the week… I could just teach, PHEW how fun is that. But I still found it difficult to be consistent.

ESPECIALLY since most of my clients weren’t coming from my content anyway…

In the beginning of my coaching business, I developed a simple sales strategy (which I share in another post) to book clients WITHOUT gobs of content, allowing me to make money and book clients WHILE I was building up the more long-term strategies in my business like funnels, launches, and lead magnets.

So content wasn’t my big money maker. And it took a LOT of time.

So I CONSISTENTLY… didn’t do it…

Is it just me, or does it feel like if you’re not DIRECTLY making money from something in your business, does it sometimes feel like a waste of time? Or maybe just REALLY hard to sit down and do?

So yea, everyone says (and in some ways they’re right) content is queen, consistency is key, and masterful messaging makes sales and blah blah blah.

I say (a version of) that too.

But sometimes it’s tough…

It’s tough to create a content calendar with those thoughts of ‘Will this really help someone?’ ‘Does anyone care?’ ‘Will this book me clients?’ and the dreaded ‘Gosh, I have so many ideas I’ll NEVER get get them all done, why bother!” swimming through your head.

And it’s tough to know how to create content that’s DIRECTLY helping your business – making sales, helping readers, and serving all the purposes and missions of your business in a simple, consistent, and powerful way.

Good content is important, but to me good content MUST make my sales, help my readers and my clients, and serve my business directly.

AND it MUST be easy and fun to do.

If you know me, then you know that for me business is NOT about huge complicated strategies and longer hours at work.

For me, business is about spending maybe 5 hours a week at your computer (largely BECAUSE you have strong business foundations and strategies that you can TRUST), serving big, having a blast, helping people, and making money. And then walking away and building a life that is supported by the same business that it supports.

And your content calendar ought to do exactly that.

Feel simple.

Feel clear.

Feel short and easy.

And make you money while serving your clients and readers in a big way.

It took me until 2017 to find that rhythm for me.. And what works for me might not look the same was what works for you.

But the system and approach can be the same. The essence behind it, the ideas fueling it, identical.

And that’s why I’m sharing not only HOW I do that, but also how to make it YOUR OWN.

If your content calendar needs a little pick me up

  • it needs to be more consistent, or
  • your messaging needs to be more powerful and helpful, or
  • you need to start making more money from it…. then let me help.

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And let’s make some content magic together.


P.S. If you have ANY questions, want some individual advice or feedback, or go through the training and go ‘wait, my content STILL feels off’, comment below. No question is too silly, no ask ‘too big’. You might find that a five minute conversation will change everything…..