Creative Biz: For Real

A long term 1:1 program that gets you solid business foundations to grow on so that you can start to gain real traction and momentum online, start creating your $5k-$10k months, and work with clients and projects you ADORE.

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In Creative Biz: For Real, we’ll work on:

turning your idea into a clear vision that you’re confident about and comfortable with so that you can start implementing your creative ideas instead of being paralyzed in overwhelm and frustration

– setting goals and a strategy so that you can get a big ROI on this and any program and book consistent paying clients, gain continuous momentum, and crush it in life and business

mastering your messaging so that every piece of communication – from in-person sales to Facebook ads and launches – is on point, speaking directly to your ideal clients and easily converting and magnetizing your packages and your mission

– building your visibility online so that you can build your list with DREAM clients and so that you can book more and consistent paying clients!

 learn the skills you need to create solid foundations in your business – from mindset to sales to marketing to long-term strategies – so that you can feel certain and confident in your business, continually increase your conversions and results, and gain momentum and traction in your business from here on out

The Details

Program length: 3 months

Included: thirteen 1:1 coaching calls, weekly email support, tech trainings

Investment: $6000

Payment plan available 

How It Works

I want you to have a SOLID and SUSTAINABLE business, one where you KNOW what to do each day, you LOVE doing it, and you make GREAT money working with clients and projects you ADORE.

SO… I get REALLY in depth into your business. I want to see the packages and the offers and the sales pages. I want to see the sales, the numbers, and the strategies. I want to see your social media and your emails and your content. I want to see your freebies, your workshops, your launches. And I want to see your backend, how your team communicates, and how you organize and batch things.

The MAJORITY of business owners want more money and more time and more ease…

But are spending hours a week in cleaning up messes and reacting to day-to-day operations.

EVERYONE wants more sales, and when they’re not coming in at the rate you’d want it can feel like you’re throwing spaghetti at walls and just stuck at a plateau.

• We get really clear on what you want for your business in the next three months. And we map out EVERYTHING that needs to get done to get you there. And plan it all out. INCLUDING supports for tough days, mindset, and ‘having a life’ outside of business (because you gotta have a life, even while your business is up in the air. It’s ESSENTIAL).

• And then we implement it side by side.

I help you manage tasks, I help you strategize and adjust, I check in and hold you accountable.

My business is busy (thanks to the systems I teach in my programs! *wink*), and this program isn’t right for everyone.

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If we’re a good fit, I’ll be in touch within 2 business days to set up a time to talk!

AND because I know it’s tough nuggets to wait for our first call together… There are some bonuses to make the wait more bearable…. 


Client Booking Wizardress Workshops (instant access) 

2 powerful, pre-recorded workshops ($200 value) that hit the ground running, give you a million ideas, and give you a head start so that our precious one-on-one time together is amazing and exactly what you REALLY need and not just focused on going over information and materials

Imagine booking a new pay in full client before we even start working together!

Non-Negotiable Decision Masterclass

Your mindset is POWERFUL. Who and how you’re being is POWERFUL. And in this POWERFUL masterclass you will set the non-negotiable decisions of WHAT you’re going to create during our 3 months together and start to set up a plan to support YOU as you do it. 

I’m talking not just strategy and sales; I’m talking about supporting YOU the business owner. 

This masterclass is the NUMBER ONE gamechanger for my group coaching clients. People report manifesting AMAZING things through this process.

Instant Activation 30 minute call 

1:1 30 minute call IMMEDIATELY with me to kick start our work together and start getting you on your way the DAY you sign up

(call will be scheduled within the first 3 days, to set goals, and address any immediate issues so we can get you gaining momentum quickly)

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Here’s a case study of what it looks like.

Stephanie* (Name changed) came to me for Creative Biz For Real. She is a sex/love/feminine healing coach.

She was making around $12,000 a year in her business (some months were higher, some were lower) and she wanted to be creating a steady $3,000 minimum a month.

(What was important to her was that she was making a minimum of $3000 a month, not that she was making $2000 one month and the $4000 the next month).

She was selling 1:1 coaching, group coaching, and the odd workshop/live event.

She was only half booked out for 1:1s, she had about 4 people in her group coaching program, and she got maximum 10 people in her live events/workshops when she ran them.

One of the most distressing things for me was that she was working 50+ hours a week without realizing it dealing with last minute email sends and constantly feeling behind/worrying about income and ‘did I do enough’.

Her content was being created the DAY it was supposed to go out every time, and her to do list each week (when we added it all up, she wasn’t aware of it at first) was impossible.

She was tasking herself with almost 80 hours of work a week.

So no wonder she always felt behind.

Her first month in CBFR, we cleaned up her entire process, which looked like getting her working hours from 50 a week (she hadn’t even realized she was working 50 hours a week) down to 35 hours a week. We cleaned out her to do list to ONLY the essentials which included

– catching up on a lot of projects that were essential (including revamping her package and sales page, solidifying her content marketing and sales strategies

– clarifying her goals and her MINDSET strategy (which was essential and always falling by the wayside because she was so busy managing everything else)

At the end of the first month, she told me ‘I feel like I can breathe again. I can see how this is all going to work. I can see it actually WORKING.’

In her second month of CBFR her working hours were still 35 hours a week

– In her second month of CBFR she booked her first 1:1 client since starting working with me.

– She actually booked her first TWO 1:1 clients (which was $2000 in cash for her, $6000 in sales, and a guaranteed $2000/month added to her income for the next three months)

– She also saw her email list start to grow (around 2%) and her social media channels saw more engagement (engagement was actually up by almost 1000%, but she’d had almost no engagement before).

– She had her first Facebook post go viral.

– She had over 50 new leads come into her sales process.

Most powerful to me though was the peace that she had when she was dealing with her business day to day stuff.

At the end of the first month, she had a really big and frustrating tech glitch that slowed her down. And she handled it with UTTER GRACE. A Full 180 from a couple months before.

In her third month of CBFR, her working hours went down to 20 hours a week.

– She booked 5 new people into her group program (largely from the leads from the previous month). Which was $500 in cash, $1500 in sales (which meant an extra $500/month in her income)

– She had another 40 new leads come into her sales process

– She had mapped out a sort of ‘plug and play’ for her business, a ‘here’s what I need to do every month to take care of my clients, my sales, and my business.’

– She took WHOLE weekends off, and even a few weekdays here and there.

Honestly, Stephanie impressed me so much. She put in the work, and the results were ASTOUNDING.

And so simply achieved when we came from strategy AND mindset.

Here’s another case study.

Margot* (Name Changed) came to me for Creative Biz For Real. She ran retreats 3 times a year, and offered a limited number of 1:1 spots in the interim time as well as a year-long high-level mastermind.

She was booking out her retreats (YAY) but she was STRUGGLING to do it and often providing last minute discounts to fill up the spaces (and taking a financial hit sometimes because of it). She had people take her up on her 1:1 work, but not as many take her up on the year long high level mastermind.

And she wanted to move away from 1:1 work completely.

And increase her income.

Her first month in CBFR, we ran the numbers.

Not just the income numbers (a lot of those were actually quite surprising), but also the numbers that supported the income (how many leads was she getting, how many sales conversations was she getting, how many yeses and nos was she getting, what was her list size, what was her list growth size)

She had thought that she wasn’t making enough money PURELY because not enough new leads were coming in.

That was partially true.

But what was surprising was

– She was discounting a lot

– She was selling to the same pool fo people a lot (which is understandable)

– And she was bringing in new leads who really weren’t primed to buy (it was less about whether it was the ideal audience and more about how her content spoke to those that were coming into her audience)

– We did a LOT of mindset work in her first month to really understand and shift how she was thinking of her business, her audience, her work, and herSELF.

A big result of that was a shift in her pricing, as well as her content – HOW she shared what she did in her work (it became more specific, more bold, and more ‘this is the way that it is in my business’. She found a BIG confidence in herself and her work that was so admirable.

We also did a lot of prep for the coming months when we knew all this work we did would be challenged as she got out into the world and siad her new prices and shared her new content.

A lot of strategy and a lot of mindset prepping and planning. 🙂

And the end of the first month, Margot admitted to me it felt great but she was apprehensive about ‘diving in’. ‘I’ll believe it when I see it’ is what she said to me.

In her second month in CBFR, it was time to really dive into implementing.

She struggled a little bit with some of the shifts (they were small but felt massive, which is totally understandable).

We leaned a lot on the supports and mindset pieces we set up as she implemented strategy.

And this was the result:

– She closed out two 1:1 clients who were feeling no longer aligned (they were paying lower than her normal prices, and the result was a a loss of $1500/month in income)

– She signed one new 1:1 client at her full price (which was $1000/month at a 6 month commitment)

– She opened the waitlist for her next retreat and was on track almost immediately to double her normal waitlist size

– Her masterminders started RAVING about the updates she’d made to the experience for those that were in there, and a few invited friends of theirs to join.

– One new masterminder signed up as a result of this ($10,000/year)

In her third month in CBFR,

– she massively reduced her working hours (because things were starting to be so streamlined for her)

– she spent about 3 hours a day on work (sales, marketing, creating content, following up)

– and another 1 – 2 hour a day on creating content for her masterminders, responding to clients, and creating the models for her upcoming retreat

– She closed out her waitlist for the retreat at almost double the amount of signups as she’d ever had before, and closed at 1.25x her previous retreat.

– but the real win was that ALL of those sign ups were paid at her FULL retreat rate (no discounts here) And she made ALMOSt double her income from her last retreat

Toward the end of the month she had a big mindset set back (a personal emergency) and needed to pull back. We took a week together to just talk it out and re-evaluate (leaving her strategy to run for itself)

After the whole process, she said ‘It’s like night and day, Sarah. Honestly, I’m so shocked. This would have torn me apart before. Right now, I feel blessed and so grateful and only like better and better is happening for me.’ 

Honestly, she created that.

This process is INTENSE. It’s intense for YOU, it’s intense for ME.

Results do NOT always look like the amazing case studies you see on this page, that I will be honest about.

I’ve had clients walk away with nothing more than clarity of ‘You know what, I know what I want now’ and working less hours and enjoying creativity and life a lot more.

And honestly, that’s a great result too.

THIS IS FOR YOU if you want to make more money, yes, but it’s also for you if you want to FEEL BETTER about work and your business.

If you want that spark of creativity back in your life.

If you want to work a little less but LOVE that work a little more.

If you want to do less of the ‘learn this technique’ or ‘watch this challenge’ or ‘master this strategy’ and MORE of the work you actually enjoy doing (coaching, speaking, writing, creating).

This is for you if you want not just a BUSINESS for real, but a CREATIVE BUSINESS for real.

Here’s the thing about Creative Biz For Real, I WILL be bossy about how to build a successful business. I want you to find your own groove and your own way of doing things, absolutely. But this program is about building SOLID foundations.

And that means booking clients, making sales, and solidifying your day-to-day processes and mindset so that you can build whatever you want on top of that.

When you have these foundations in place, the WORLD opens up.

Most of my clients, that looks like this:

– a FABULOUS 1:1 or group offer (usually online)

– building up a solid day-to-day 30 minute to 1 hour strategy of organic marketing + sales (content —> conversations (DM or phone) —> sale/conversion)

– Backing up that solid, simple strategy with accountability and MINDSET

BUT SARAH I wanna run ads! I wanna launch an online course! I wanna do challenges!

Amazing! I love that for you. And we can integrate ALLL of that into your strategy. ONCE we get the basics solid.

If your business is floundering, I’m fairly certain the foundations aren’t as solid as you think they are.

We’re going to pick ONE goal, ONE or TWO simple strategies, and back them up with MINDSET and ACCOUNTABILITY.

And we’re going to make you some money and free up your time.

When that process is done at the end of Creative Biz: For Real and you want to integrate more strategies  (like ads or launching) I’m ALL FOR it.

BUT SARAH what if I run a brick and mortar? What if I’m a speaker? What if I want to make more book sales?

YES we can work on that too, BUT I recommend you reach out to me personally and chat. I want to hear more about your business and where you’re at so I can properly tailor my expertise to what you really need right now.

Here’s the truth. I wont’ sugar coat it.

(That it’s. That’s the truth.)

If building solid foundations is what you need, then there are certain things we need to do to get there.

AND mindset is a big part of that.

IF YOU ARENOT GOING TO DO THE MINDSET part of this work, then you are not going to do Creative Biz: For Real.

It’s as simple as that.

BUT SARAH I’ve done mindset work before! I have it sorted! I just don’t get it! I don’t need it, the money is more important right now!

Fair enough.

But honestly? If you’re not willing to come at the mindset work with an open mind and be held accountable in it, this isn’t the program for you. (In fact, I might not be the COACH for you.)

Mindset is 50% of the work we do.

Because it’s 50% (or more) of the equation to this shit working.

The clients of mine who get results are the ones who DO IT.

(I’ve actually run the numbers on this. It’s been true EVERY TIME.)

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