Creative Biz: For Real

A long term 1:1 program that gets you solid business foundations to grow on so that you can start to gain real traction and momentum online, getting stuff done and stop faffing about in overwhelm and the roller coaster of highs and lows in the early days of online business, and communicating clearly and confidently with your clients and audience so that your messaging and marketing is on point and you’re constantly and continually getting your clients better and better results as you build a business and LIFE that you absolutely ADORE. 

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In Creative Biz: For Real, we’ll work on:

turning your idea into a clear vision that you’re confident about and comfortable with so that you can start implementing your creative ideas instead of being paralyzed in overwhelm and frustration

– setting goals and a strategy so that you can get a big ROI on this and any program and book consistent paying clients, gain continuous momentum, and crush it in life and business

mastering your messaging so that every piece of communication – from in-person sales to Facebook ads and launches – is on point, speaking directly to your ideal clients and easily converting and magnetizing your packages and your mission

– building your visibility online so that you can build your list with DREAM clients and so that you can book more and consistent paying clients!

 learn the skills you need to create solid foundations in your business – from mindset to sales to marketing to long-term strategies – so that you can feel certain and confident in your business, continually increase your conversions and results, and gain momentum and traction in your business from here on out

The Details

Program length: 3 months

Included: thirteen 1:1 coaching calls, weekly email support, tech trainings

Investment: $6000

Payment plan available 

How It Works

My business is busy (thanks to the systems I teach in my programs! *wink*), and this program isn’t right for everyone.

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If we’re a good fit, I’ll be in touch within 2 business days to set up a time to talk!

AND because I know it’s tough nuggets to wait for our first call together… There are some bonuses to make the wait more bearable…. 

Client Booking Wizardress Workshops (instant access) 

2 powerful, pre-recorded workshops ($200 value) that hit the ground running, give you a million ideas, and give you a head start so that our precious one-on-one time together is amazing and exactly what you REALLY need and not just focused on going over information and materials

Entrepreneurial Mindset 1-hour Intensive 

1:1 intensive coaching call to get your head in the game and keep it there ($250 value)… Because I know that mindset is your number-one money making activity. It’s what gets you showing up constantly, thinking creatively to solve problems and serve your clients in innovative and powerful ways, and it’s what makes it so easy for all the beautiful things that you want to come into your life

Instant Activation 30 minute call 

1:1 30 minute call IMMEDIATELY with me to kick start our work together and start getting you on your way the DAY you sign up

(call will be scheduled within the first 3 days, to set goals, and address any immediate issues so we can get you gaining momentum quickly)

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