Creative Marketing Power Assessment

See what’s working, what’s not, and how to optimize creative marketing in your business for higher impact and sales

who am i

a business coach, specializing in technology and epic content strategy

who i love working with

creative online entrepreneurs who have a few clients and are ready to shape their business into their dream business

what do you even do, sarah elizabeth?

I help creative online entrepreneurs grow their impact and sales with creative and strategic content. I also teach you the ins and outs of tech – like film, sound, websites, et alia – and business and marketing strategy so that you can start and grow your creative business to match whatever your big heart desires.

how it works

In our free 30-minute assessment, we’ll talk about what your marketing and strategy up until now and take a look at your conversions and numbers. You can tell me what you’ve been working on, and I’ll offer a few points to take you to the next step.

Use the calendar below to book a time to chat that works for you.