I have a million ideas for my business and a million goals and dreams for my life.

And the most incredible and terrifying thing as an adult is to realize that I can do any single one of them.

And many of them.

Or I could not.

And every part of that journey is up to me.


Funny story.

As a child, I always wanted to play video games. The N64 was like the coolest thing that everyone had. My cousin had one, and I only played a handful of times, not because she wasn’t generous in offering the controller to me, but because I often said ‘no thank you’ because I felt so self-conscious.

I had completely gotten into my head that the N64 wasn’t for me. That I wasn’t good at it. That I couldn’t have one.

My parents were always against buying gaming consoles, and I just figured I wouldn’t be any good.

Flash forward to Covid.

And I was sitting bored at home, with only work to occupy me, and I was like ‘hmm… what am I going to fill my time with?’

I bought a bunch of puzzles. Those were fun.

I read like 3 books, and caught up on old movie franchises that I had never seen (also a leftover from my childhood home…).

I only saw Star Wars and the Jurassic Park movies during Covid.

I started reading blogs and news articles about what people were filling their time with, and I kept coming back to things like video games.

And I remembered a video game I played as a kid that I absolutely adored: Lego Racers.

(By the way, hands down the coolest game.)

We had had it on PC, but I realized with a little research that it was also released on N64.

I checked eBay, found an N64 with original controllers, and I bought it.

It was weirdly one of the most freeing and empowering things I’ve ever done.

Literally taking a childhood dream fo wanting to own an N64 and actually doing it as an adult.

All the more weird because no one really has those any more.

And I’ll admit to you another thing.

I started gifting myself ALL SORTS of things from my childhood that I’d never been able or allowed to have.

My favourite foods for breakfast, Polly Pocket, a tamigachi that I had lost that my parents didn’t want to replace because I’d been ‘careless’ (truth is I’d accidentally thrown it out with my retainer at lunch because I wasn’t supposed to have it at lunch so I’d tucked it under a napkin and forgotten about it).

And a chair that was in the same style as one that my grandmother had had that I’d adored..

And with the chair is when I finally realized it.

I was an adult, and I could do WHATEVER I wanted… and that meant that there were dreams that I’d had as a kid that I now LITERALLY had the power to make happen.

I could buy a forbidden N64.

And I could be a famous movie maker.

I could replace my tamigachi.

And I could be a famous author.

The only difference in the more career dreams was that it STILL felt impossible.

But it wasn’t.

It was just as possible as finding a used N64 on ebay.

And I had the ability to do it.


It’s SUCH an empowering thing to realize, that your desires and dreams as a child haven’t REALLY changed all that much, and that you can either do them or not do them.

And THAT is a terrifying thing as well.

To go, you know what, that dream hasn’t left me, and I ought to do it.

I SHOULD be an actress. I SHOULD write a book. I SHOULD buy an N64 and PWN it.


What those dreams look like and how I might go about them are a little different than how I might have imagined them as a child.

(I had this daydream of Jerry Bruckheimer coming into the Barnes & Noble where I worked and asking for a book on pirates, I recommend a better one, and he hired me on the spot to write his next Pirates of the Caribbean movie.)

But they’re still mine and they’re still possible.

And it’s entirely up to me whether I do them, have them, and be them or not.


My business has changed leaps and bounds in the last few years of Covid.

Partially because the world has changed.

Partially because the world of business and marketing is ALWAYS changing.

And partially because I realized this.


And so I DESIGNED into my business the opportunity to DO the dreams I always dreamed of.


And let me say this…

It is so much more fun.

And it is so much more fulfilling.

And with all of that happening, it works so much better.


Because business isn’t just another job that we show up for and trudge through and make work.

It’s something that we CHOOSE to be in, something that allows us to be who we are and how we are and serve and speak and impact in that way and from that space.

And it’s up to US to design it that way.




To your dreams,



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