How I found the money to work with my business coach

I had been going from making $500 to making $2000 in a month, for MONTHS, and I was CONSTANTLY working towards what felt like complete inconsistency and flukes in my income.

And if I wasn’t working, I was busy worrying. 

“Where was the MONAY? What if I couldn’t book a new client this month? I should have worked longer today. I should have posted one more post or sent one more email.”

Just a little constant bubble of anxious attachment nestled tightly in my chest. 

And worry, well it feels like a full-time job of its own. 

I don’t remember how I heard about my current business coach at the time that I heard of her, but I found a small way to work with her: a $50 mini course that so obviously only took her a few hours to put together and start selling because she was so baller at what she did in her business.

(God was I jealous of how easy she made it look.)

With no clue how it would help or why I felt so certain about working on this program, I bought it, spending what, at the time, was a big chunk of my monthly income.

With that program, I knew, I was so incredibly fucking sure, that I HAD to work with her.

The problem was simple though. 

I KNEW I would make so much more money when I worked with her. I resonated with her so much, I wanted to know more about how SHE ran HER business, and I wanted the opportunity to be supported while I started booking more and more clients, making more and more money, and normalizing being a badass business owner.

And the problem was that I didn’t HAVE the money to even start. 

I joined her sales course on the payment plan, with my absolute last $97. (See the problem? The options were either a) make money from this in order to pay off the rest of the payment plan, or b) perish. Not recommended….)

I made a decision.

I was going to make the money to make the rest of the payment plan as WELL as make money to cover my regular expenses for the month. 

And I did it. I got 2.5x my ROI on that sales course in 30 days, paid off the rest of the program AND met all my expenses for my life and biz for what felt like the first time in MONTHS. 

I signed up for a discovery call for her main program. I spoke to her. She was like, “Sarah, get your ass in this program. You’re perfect for this.”

I said, “I don’t have the cash. Give me 3 days.”

She said, “Make it rain. I’ll see you soon.”

And I did.

I joined her main program 3 days later.


Here’s the truth. 

That all sounds amazing. “Sarah’s so amazing. She can make money quick as hell. She’s so amazing at what she does. Screw her.” It all sounds amazing when I tell the story. I know it does. I feel pretty baller writing it, I won’t lie to you.

BUT I feel as fraud-like and fluke-ish writing it as I’m sure you might if you’re reading it. 

Because I had NEVER once been able to do that before.

I figured out so much while figuring out a way to work with that coach that I wanted to work with so badly. 

I learned how to make money quickly.

I learned how to make a decision that felt so incredibly aligned and how to commit to it.

I learned how to say yes based on what I wanted rather than what seemed possible.

I learned how to book clients really fucking fast.

And I learned how to trust myself to follow through on my decisions.

And THIS is what I teach clients… 

Not JUST my strategy and how I do all that – book clients, make money really quickly – from decisions and goals all the way through marketing and making fucktons of sales out of nowhere (by the way, what I do is I take the MYSTERY or “FLUKE-NESS” out of the “FLUKE” so that it’s normalized and repeatable). 

But I also teach the GRIT and DETERMINATION you need in order to do it for yourself.

Want to know how? 

I fucking want to tell you. 

Let’s talk about working together….

And if you’re not sure if you’re going to have the money to do it…

May I refer you to this exact email.
Let’s “Make it rain. I’ll see you soon,”


P.S. I’m serious. Want to know how I do this? How I can support you in doing this for yourself? Apply for a time to speak with me here.