Learning how to go after your dreams

The point of life is really living.

And nobody’s really living when they’re comfortable.

Because always being comfortable is the same as being stuck.

And stuck is certainly not really living. 

Feeling stuck, overwhelmed, impactless, worthless, confused, and like all of the big pile of work in front of you is never giving you impact or results. These are a few of the manifestations of feeling comfortable.

Let me explain. 

When you’re too scared to step out in a big way, to put your ass on the line and make a big change that might not work out (trust me, I know that’s scary), you overwork yourself in order to stay comfortable.

That looks like constantly talking about your big, fat, epic, beautiful business idea but never making it happen. 

That looks like procrastinating and faffing about instead of sitting down and doing your soul work. 

That looks like taking on a job here, a job there, some freelance work, and a second or third blog idea just to try to keep the income coming in, when really what you’re doing is shying away from stepping up into your business. 

Because you’re scared it might not work.

Because you’re scared that people might not buy.

Because you’re scared that all those beliefs that you’re not worth it, you can’t do it, you’re not good enough, and every other mean and untrue thought in your head will actually be proven true if you put your heart and soul into this business and it doesn’t work out.

But here’s the real truth. 

If you put your heart and soul into anything, it will work out. 

That’s it.

That’s the end.

Because if there’s an annoying little quiet voice inside your head somewhere that’s been bugging you for possibly your whole life to do something bigger, be someone bigger, and think and act a lot bigger, it’s time to answer it.

That little voice is there for a reason. 

And you and I both know it’s not lying. 

So it’s time to trust yourself, own up to your big dreams, and do what you gotta do, ask for the help you need, to make it happen.

You don’t have to know how.

You just have to get uncomfortable. 

Because that’s really living, after all. 

Lots of love and luck x


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