How do I know what to do next in my business? 

What needs to be done first, second, third?

How do I know if I’m on the right track?

What if I don’t know what to do?

Or where to start?

What if it feels like it’s not working? At what point do I change tactics?

And the crème de la crème: how do I get myself to do it when I can’t seem to stop procrastinating, getting confused, second guessing myself, or not making any progress in general?

I literally get these questions and their variations all the time

So don’t fear. Super common.

Which usually means the answer is pretty simple.

The answer: Set a clear goal, with obvious specifics. Create (or get) a simple step-by-step strategy to get you there. And keep showing up to get that stuff done, no matter whether it feels like it’s working yet or not.

The biggest block that I see in creative entrepreneurs – women especially, and this includes me! – is that we’re constantly putting stuff off and second guessing ourselves.

Usually because we’re not clear on our goals. And often because a part of us doesn’t believe we can/deserve/know how to get where we want to go.

Having a clear goal and a step-by-step strategy for getting there changes everything.

And before you start arguing with me and telling me that you do have a clear goal and know how to get there, let me know show you what a clear goal is not.

A clear goal is not

  • I want to have a successful business.
  • I want to feel amazing.
  • I want to pay off my debt.
  • I want to make x amount of money.
  • I want to travel the world.

A clear strategy is not

  • I will post in Facebook groups twice a week.
  • I will lose five pounds.
  • I will book out my newest program.
  • I will take a second job.
  • I will save $4000 a month.


Clear goals and strategies are simple, concise, and specific.

How will you know you have a successful business? Perhaps by having 10 clients that energize and excite you and enough revenue to pay all your bills and take a family vacation. So your goal, then, is not to have a successful business, but rather to have 10 clients that energize and excite you and take a family vacation.

How will you know that you feel amazing? Perhaps when you jump out of bed in the morning and rush for your coffee because you can’t freaking wait to get started. So your goal, then, is not to feel amazing but rather to jump out of bed in the morning and rush to get your coffee.

When we set goals that are simple, concise, and wildly specific it’s so much easier to see how they’re amazingly coming true.

The aloof goals like “success” and “feeling amazing” will always be beyond our reach. But the specific ones will come into your life so freaking quickly, you’ll be like, “Wow. I’m amazing.” 

And when you’re very specific about what you want, putting together that strategy for getting there is simple and effective.

How do you get those 10 clients? Well, you will probably set-up an amazing program, write a killer sales page, run a small launch, and book them!

How will you jump out of the morning excited to start your day? Well, you’ll probably make sure that every morning you have something on your calendar that excites you, you might go to sleep early, and you’ll put things like exercise and nutrition (things that make you feel amazing) on high priority.

When we’re clear about our goals, knowing where to go next is just natural.

The last bit of this answer is simple: practice.

Notice the improvements, the specific improvements, as they come. And get excited and productive. You absolutely can figure out how to do something or go somewhere or achieve something. You just gotta get clear and specific about what that is.

To help you do that, I’ve put together the checklist to end all checklists on productivity and goal setting. In it, you’ll get clear and specific on your goal, write out allllll the little things you need to do to get there, and build yourself a simple, step-by-step strategy for getting there.

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I felt much clearer on what I needed to do to achieve my goals. Sarah Elizabeth pulled no punches and told me what I needed to hear, rather than what I wanted to hear. She identified areas which I needed to revisit and gain clarity. Her no-nonsense, supportive approach, coupled with her ability to make you feel at ease, really helped me in gaining clarity around what I wanted to achieve and how to achieve it. I would recommend her to anyone needing support with their business and online communication.

Alison McClean

Blogger & Biz Owner

Sarah Elizabeth was able to help shape my goals into specific actions and concrete steps. With her help, my jumbled mess of a writing sample was ironed out into a well thought out paper! She is easy to talk to, straightforward and able to see the big picture to help you achieve what you want. Sarah Elizabeth was always timely in her emails- despite the 8 hour time difference! She gave detailed criticisms and solutions in her responses. Sarah Elizabeth was an all around pleasure to work with and I'd love to work with her on future projects.
Ellison Avery O'Reilly


Clarity. Sarah Elizabeth hears everything you say but she really listens to what your heart is saying. And when that is reflected back to you by an “impartial observer”, the clarity hits you like a revelation… I was more committed than ever to push forward with my plans as I felt validated and focused after discussing my business hopes and my life priorities. Sarah Elizabeth is so easy to talk to, so business savvy and full of smarts that I wish I’d “met” her sooner in my creative journey!

Elle Richards

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