For 5 years, my bestselling 1:1 program, Book Paying Clients, has been an amazing experience – both for me and for those that have gone through it (or so they tell me).

And I’ve loved, loved, loved leading this program.

In the program’s six weeks of one on one coaching, and I’ve had clients go from $500 a month to $5,000 a month, and book huge amounts of amazing clients (and cash) from stale old strategies that they couldn’t get working without a few simple, powerful tweaks.

And best of all, we’ve made lives and businesses easier, more fun, and more fulfilling, going from doing a million and one things and 40, or worse 60, hour work weeks to 20 hour work weeks and getting back to LIFE outside of business that feeds the fuel and energy for business as well.

For a year and a half, I have been playing around with HOW to make this incredible, high touch, short-term program into something that could help more people and be just as if not MORE powerful and amazing an experience than the original 6 week 1:1 version.

And after all that time, the New Book Paying Clients program is open for business.

Instead of 6 weeks 1:1, the new program is 6 months of access to the group.

In the group, we have TONS of content, classes, and workshops, ALL designed to make your business EASIER and more FUN, while being more FULFILLING, both financially and energetically.

And because you get instant access to the classes, you can go in and start on the pieces you actually need right away.

Each month, we have new content and workshops added, AND every week and every month there are opportunities for group coaching and hot seat coaching with me and with your fellow group members. Book Paying Clients is the space to look at your existing offers, work, messaging, and strategies and get clear on what is working, and what isn’t working, get clear on how to upgrade everything to make it clearer, simpler, more powerful, and more FUN for you and your audiences.

It’s the space to go from $500 a month to $5,000 a month. It’s the place to go from a stressful launch with low numbers to an easy launch that feels INCREDIBLE and brings in $20,000.

It’s the space to not only design your business for success and impact, financial stability and renewability, and incredible support and experiences for those who come into your work.

It’s also the space to get your LIFE back while you’re doing it, with TONS of support on mindset, health, and designing a life that supports your business as well as the other way around.

It’s the space to feel better, and to find and create utter faith and certainty in yourself, your work, and your business.

And to enjoy it all along the way.

Book Paying Clients is only open for enrollment for a limited time, and if you enroll before MondayAUGUST 8 (that’s in just three days!!) you’ll get VIP MINI (monthly one-on-one video coaching with me, as well as weekly email support for everything you want personalized support on) for FREE.

Or if you want more one on one time with me than once a month, you can upgrade to VIP mentorship for HALF off, which comes out to less than $350 a month for weekly one on one mentorship and coaching. (That’s a steal).

While anyone who is a good fit for the program can join the group and upgrade to VIP 1:1 coaching, only my email list (that’s you, ) has until Monday, August 8 to get VIP 1:1 mini for FREE or VIP 1:1 for half off. 

SO if you’re ready for business to feel easier, more fun, and more fulfilling, if your’e ready to make MORE money while doing WAY more of the work you love and WAY less of the work you don’t, and if you think this space might be for you, hit reply, tell me a bit about yourself, and and we can talk about whether this is the space for you.

I have a feeling it might be.

Here’s to booking paying clients,