I’m going to be real with you, dear.

We tend to be overly optimistic with ourselves. 

And also overly critical.

Example. You set a goal to make $100,000 in 2016.

You make $30,000.

And you don’t even know that you did only make $30K because you never check the books, you never tally up your income, you never even open your bank account.

But you beat yourself up anyway.

Another example. You set a goal to make 3 sales in the month of January 2017.

You make 0.

(And 0 offers).

And instead of your first thought being, “Oh, I didn’t make any offers. No wonder I didn’t make any sales,” your first thought is, “Damnit, I suck.”

“The world hates me.”

“I’m not good enough.”

We look around at everyone else – it’s WORKING for them, damnit – and we’re optimistic that we can make it work for us. 

We “try.” We “fail.”

And “we suck.”

Overly optimistic. And overly critical.

When you look around at everyone else and it’s WORKING for them, but it’s not working for you; when you spend 6 hours on a project, technology, and in a black hole of shiney penny-ness, self-help coursework, and WordPress and sales strategies kicking your ass only to look around and everyone’s making it work but you, the first thought is of failure.

The truth is not that you suck. The truth is that they’re simply making it work, and you’re not. They believe in themselves enough to keep showing up, to be ruthless – with their business strategy AND their personal mindset. They believe it. You don’t. 

So when you’re overly optimistic with yourself, keep showing up.

And when you’re overly critical with yourself, stay. Keep showing up. 

Whatever is working, whatever is not, keep showing up. 

Be ruthless in identifying your patterns, what’s keeping you stuck, and clearing it.

Be relentless in your business strategies. Keep making offers. Put yourself in front of people. If they’re not responding, change how you talk.

And know that just showing up is making a difference.

January is almost over (just so you know, that doesn’t mean you’re not going to achieve your first goals of 2017. You’ve still got a few days!), and I’m asking you to get real with me today. 

Is your 2017 epic?

Or have you slipped into old patterns?

Are you busting through all your business plateaus and breaking old beliefs that are telling you you’re crap?

Or are facing the same situation that made you so self-critical in 2016?

Have you made a change?

Are you still showing up?

How is 2017 shaping up?

And is it time to try something new?

Because I’d love to help.

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