Did you know there’s a point where strategy stops working?

Example: You’re building your list. You’re using a content marketing with upgrade strategy. (Obviously the most official word for it in the world). You’re up to 200, 300 people on your list. But you can’t get to 1000.

Another example: You’re trying to make sales in your newbie business. You invest your time and money in learning all the latest skills from those who’ve been there before – blogging, webinars, info products, launching, sales calls. And it’s not quite working.

There’s a point, in both of the above examples, when the strategy you learn or implement doesn’t quite work.

Know what I mean?

There’s a point where stuff stops working, and it feels like something’s blocking you, like you’re jusssst missing something, if only you could figure out what that little something was, everything would start going up.

Learning strategies is important. It’s what starts your business, and it’s what keeps you in the game.

It’s like trying to learn to play the piano by completely ignoring the language of music and the mastery of the classical musicians who’ve come before you.

But there’s a point in the practice of all things – piano, recorder, coffeemaking, and business – where you have to bend the rules. 

There’s a point where your own creativity has to come in.

You created your business from nothing. You have created space in a world where you didn’t see your expertise valued, and you’ve created space for your dreams and for the dreams of those behind you.

So this epic, unique, awesome thing you’re doing… why are you trying to fit it into a box?

There’s a time for learning strategies, for putting your head down, for practicing, for learning. 

And then there’s a time where you gotta keep learning, keep putting your head down, keep practicing.

Getting your 10,000 hours.

And then there’s a time for creativity. 

What time are you at?

Because when the strategy stops working by the book, it’s time to get creative…

Go make it happen x

Yours in biz,

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