Sales used to be the bane of my existence.

To be more specific, making MONEY in my business used to be the bane of my existence.

From the day I started my business – I’ll admit, sort of haphazardly – I obviously wanted to make money. And I wanted to do it my own way. I didn’t want to sit in an office with other people telling me what to do. I wanted to do work I enjoyed, the WAY I enjoyed it, and I wanted to find those big paychecks that all of my online friends were already talking about.

But DOING that seemed impossible.

I would spend all day, day after day, setting goals, making plans, then implementing them. I would run launches, I would sell programs and workshops and e-products. I would write gobs of content. I would show up on social media, I would send out my emails. I would literally do everything right.

And the end of the month would come along, I would tally up my sales, and I would realize I’d made $250 in my business.

Not only is that not enough to live on anywhere that I know of, even way back in 2015, but it also wasn’t enough to keep my faith alive that I could actually do this business.

And I very quickly was descending into madness.

I felt disorganized, overwhelmed, walking around with a million and one ideas and no certainty on any one of them. One minute I’d feel totally sure that the next blog post or the next lead magnet or the next strategy that I’d come up with would turn everything around for me, and then the next I would delve deep into ‘crap nothing is going to work for me, maybe I should just give up and go back to corporate.’ And let’s be honest, with all of this, I was feeling desperate.

I would pick fights with my then boyfriend, I would find myself procrastinating like crazy, popping a beer on my lunch break going ‘I’m going to treat myself this afternoon, I’ve been working so hard’. And then I would yell at myself later going ‘why didn’t you work more?’ I’d sit back down at my desk to work more, and just stare at my computer, yelling at myself because working more wasn’t working.

Every time I felt better, I would assume that everything WAS better and was going to work. And every time I felt worse, I would assume that everything was CRAP and was never going to work.

I had been so long without more than $500 in a month in business income (which was my only income) that I was ALSO getting to a place where I started saying things like ‘I’d even be okay with JUST $1,000 this month…(which wasn’t my goal income), one more client, and then I can worry about the rest later.’

Which of course, even if I HIT that target would mean that every month I’d be starting from square one again, and worse still, I couldn’t even hit that target anyway.

So I continued on, for months, barely making any money, always feeling like my big break was just around the bend, waking up early, battering away looking for clues and answers in mindset practices and online programs and courses, trying new strategies, and going back and forth mentally constantly (which is exhausting in and of itself) of ‘THIS is going to work, I feel so much better now’ and ‘God, why the HELL did I think that would work, what am I going to do, should I even keep going?’

That was until 2016…

In 2016, I found an amazing coach, and an amazing mentor. Within one session with him, I realized where I was missing key pieces.

I didn’t need to work more; I needed things that worked well.

I didn’t need to write gobs of content and hang out everywhere online; I needed to master creating one or two really good pieces of content, content that did all of my work for me and had people learning and engaging with what I was saying and reaching out to work with me.

I didn’t need to spend hours planning out complicated strategies that might pay off over a few months IF I had gotten all of the pieces right (which of course I wouldn’t because I hadn’t mastered my messaging or sales skills yet anyway); I needed to spend my time having a few really amazing conversations every week and booking clients and give my time to giving them the best experience I could.

I didn’t need to be constantly worrying about money and how on earth I could possibly get it for doing my work; I needed to go out there and master MAKING it doing what I love to do.

I realized that for the last 18 months I had been putting my LIFE on hold while I tried and tried desperately to make my business work, thinking that when it finally clicked, I would have the resources – the time, the money, and the energy – to get back to life.

I realized that I had been EXHAUSTING myself, and I really wasn’t getting any payoff for that exhaustion.

With a second session with that mentor, I had mastered leading sales conversations, and I went out and spent an hour online, and I found and booked two clients the very next day.

My income that month was $4,000.

And I had gotten my LIFE back.

Instead of HOURS spent in doubt and frustration and hoping different business strategies and personal mindset practices would work, I had concentrated my efforts and energies on a few simple things that were FUN and FULFILLING for me to do and paid off BIG time.

When we say do work you life, it doesn’t just mean the programs or the writing or the teaching or the clients. It also means doing STRATEGIES you love. Because that’s more than half your workload most days anyway.

Over time, I have mastered my messaging so that I can say exactly what I do and how I do it in such a powerful way that SO many of my readers get something amazing out of every piece AND every piece I write has people writing in to find out how to work with me to help THEM master their messaging.

I have mastered finding strategies that I love implement, and I have mastered the skills to make ANY strategy work, any time. I have mastered keeping things simple and strategic, doing things that are constantly GIVING to both me AND to those who come into my business – my clients and my readers – in a big way.

And I have mastered having powerful, life-changing sales conversations, the kind of conversations that not only book me clients but also the kind that bring SO much value to both the client AND to me.

It’s not that your big break is out there, somewhere around the bend.

You deserve to feel UTTER faith that you get to do WHAT you love to do and what you’re amazing at AND make money. You deserve to feel UTTER certainty that when you pick and implement a strategy, it works for you.

And in order to do that, you deserve to master and learn a few simple foundations.




And designing your business to support your life and your life to support your business.

Sounds simple, right? But I know what it feels like to sit in that constant spin of ‘Let me just try one more thing, and one more thing, a little bit longer, maybe this will work’ and to end every day wondering why it isn’t.

I remember what it feels like to have spent hours on a piece of content or a sales page only to have it have little or no impact and to wonder what you missed, to wonder why no one heard what you were saying, no one knew how AMAZING this stuff you shared really was.

And I remember what it feels like to make $500 each month, KNOWING I could have made more but having no idea how I could have done that without WORKING more or compromising more of my life or values.

So if this sounds like you, I want to help.

Maybe you have been in business for a while and still haven’t hit that level of financial impact and visibility that you wanted.

Maybe you are brand new and wondering WHAT to focus on in the vast space of online business advice.

Maybe you just switched your programs, maybe you changed niches, from what used to work for you before, and are wondering how on earth you can ensure that this new project of yours WORKS and is the most amazing, fulfilling decision ever.

Maybe you’ve had a strategy stop working after many years, or maybe you’ve been working on a strategy for a while and just can’t get it to click.

Maybe you’re ready to try a group program, speaking on stages, or even just making money from your writing or your music, but are nervous to step away from the strategies that have been working from your hard work for so long before now.

Whatever it is, I want to help.

Messaging. Sales. And strategies.

Both the kind of strategies that build your business (YOUR way, not the way that the internet told you you have to do it but you hate) AND the kind of strategies that support YOU and your life.

Because your business should support your life and your life should support your business.

If you’re struggling and if you’re ready for that change, hit reply. Tell me more about what’s going on for you and for your business, what’s going right, and what’s not going so right.

And I’ll share some of my best insights, PERSONALLY, about what might be going on and what you can do to make that change.

To bring you back to simple, to bring you back to things you enjoy, to bring you back to things that WORK for you, and to bring you back to a business that supports you.

I can’t wait to hear from you.

To a change,