Sarah Elizabeth Lahoud, business coach and consultant for online entrepreneurs, coaches, and creatives

When you’re getting started in creative business, the first stages are ideas, excitement, and possibilities.

I can turn this blog that I rarely use into a money-making MACHINE. 

I can have time to spend with my kids and hubby. 

I can quit the 9-5 that I hate and travel the world. 

I can take my whole family on vacation once a YEAR. 

All I have to do is sell 5 packages at $2000 a piece and I’ll be set for freaking LIFE (she said, exaggeratingly hopefully). 

As you dig into strategies and how this all works for the first time, you realize how simple the strategies really can be.

And you wonder why more people aren’t pursuing this, aren’t putting their creativity to good use, aren’t becoming wildly successful and changing and inspiring the world with their unique vision.

Surely if great, inspiring ideas came easily to YOU, they could come easily to other people.

Well, maybe not.

You must be special.

Oh wait

And then you realize…

You’re not.

You’re not special.

Because you had a great idea, but you can’t make it real.

The fears come in.

Like huge, icky, gross self-doubt that makes you feel like your whole world turned upside down and you just want to crawl back into your bed and time travel to the past when this idea wouldn’t have held a responsibility caveat over you.

I can’t do this! There’s too much to do!

Has my website ALWAYS looked like utter shite?

How is she so freaking happy on camera?

I can barely pay the bills with 80 hours a week.

And I’m supposed to pay of credit cards?

Or go to the islands?

I’ve let everyone down.

Surely no one is as much of a mess as me.

You were special in your epic, creative business idea.

And then you weren’t special enough to make it happen.

And then you were special in your huge, gross self-doubt.

(Because you’re the only one that ever had such huge, gross self-doubt. Those other people must have been successful because they weren’t as broken as you are.)

Hint: You’re not special because of any of those reasons.

You’re special when you take that brilliant idea out of your head and into the real world, DESPITE the huge gross self-doubt.

But while it’s true that you’re not special because creative, inspiring ideas are inside all of us, your grit makes you special.

(What’s also true is that you’re not special in your huge, gross self-doubts either.)

We all have great ideas. We all have gross self-doubts.

What makes us special (or not special) is simply this: 

We don’t all take action.

You’re special, your idea is special, inspiring, world-changing, when you get it out of your head, out of the pub conversations full of nonsense where you’re just impressing your friends, and into action.

Let me repeat that: your idea isn’t special. Your action taking is.

Action means YOU taking action

Action means putting the idea into motion so that it’s visible, in the world, and taking action in changing it all on it’s own.

The same way that when an author writes a book, in some ways it’s no longer her own. The published book has a life of it’s own and a different experience in every new reader.

And writer.

You’re going to help so many people once you get out of your head and get this stuff done. Take action.

And you’re going to inspire other creative business owners as well.

Decide, not just that you will take action for yourself, decide right fucking now that every person who encounters your work benefits from it, even if you’re not sure how, as long as you fully show up, in action and grit, with all your heart. 

Action is simply the acknowledgement of how unspecial you are.

And then action makes you special because it’s farther than most people will ever go.

And THEN action brings you back to the land of unspecial when your creative, epic, business changes the world and takes on a life of its own, that reaches farther than your little legs could have run or pub voice could have ever shouted.

Action is freaking HARD. That’s what makes yours so special.

Getting started in creative biz is about strategies and ideas.

Being successful in creative biz about commitment, patience, and grit.

And creative business – and life – is about action.

To action,

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