Sales used to freak me out

Truth: Sales used to freak me out.

I would spend all day at my computer, working away, writing blog posts and taking pictures. I would tell my man all about how busy I was – literally dumping my incredibly stressful day on him – and end the conversation with how I couldn’t spend time with him (what the hell?) because I had more work to do. Because I hadn’t made any sales yet. I didn’t have any clients yet. So OBVIOUSLY I needed to keep working.

Because you can’t really call it a business until you have money. That you made. By doing the work that you do. In your business.

And I kept being like, “It’s the beginning of my business. I know it’s going to be hard. I just gotta keep trying. It’s just gonna be hard.”

So I kept investing. Time. Money. And sacrifices. Just like WAITING for something to work. Starting every day thinking, “Maybe today!” And ending every day being like, “Well, I suck. And I think I KNEW that wasn’t going to work!”

Here’s an abbreviated list of the investments – both time and money – and sacrifices – personally and of other people – for my business that never paid off.

• At least 20 courses, online programs, etc. (Those are just the ones I remember and/or bookmarked.)

• Many, many dollars (let’s just pretend like the number of 00s isn’t ridiculous).

• Constant, low-grade anxiety.

• That turns into full-fledge panic attacks at will. (Not entirely caused by business, but business definitely didn’t help.)

• Time with friends and the former boyf.

• And my overall sanity. (I can’t lie to you beauties on that last one!)

All while waiting for consistent clients to roll through my door, thinking there was a secret that I just hadn’t figured out yet. Booking your first paying clients or even booking CONSISTENT paying clients is overwhelming, frustrating, and fills you with such self-doubt and loathing as you’ve never known.

“Maybe I’ve made a huge mistake!” “Maybe everyone can tell I’m just faking it!” “Once I just make a bit more money, I can calm down a little and hang out with my man!” “And he won’t be able to get angry at me over the money!” “Booking clients seems so easy but it’s so freaking hard!” “Nothing’s working!” “Just a few more hours of work!” “I know this is the beginning and it’ll get better!” “But the beginning seems to be taking for freaking ever!”

I’ve done all the programs you guys have. Seriously. I’ve had all the same thoughts and doubts and endless hours of work. I’ve sacrificed parts of my life for my business, thinking I’d sort out the other areas of my life once the business was working and I had consistent clients. And after months and months, still not had those consistent clients, while the other areas of my life came crumbling down around me.

You know what finally paid off?

• Real, proven sales strategies (and not just walking into discovery calls and going, “WELL I hope this works!”)

• Real, proven content marketing strategy for building visibility and booking calls (and not just spending 10-20 hours a day writing crazy, in-depth, all over the place content and then procrastinating for two weeks on end because nothing seemed to be working).

• Real, proven strategies for being a real, freaking human being AND STILL making sales and being a powerful coach for others

• And realizing that I needed more than a strategy. (i.e. more than another program!). I needed accountability.

These are the things that work.

I know you’ve been burned. I have, too.

And I’m in the mood to pay it forward!

SO! If you’re feeling overwhelmed or frustrated or just like HOW with booking paying clients in your business, how can I help? Tell me a little about what’s going on for you, and I’ll offer some tips and tweaks that I think might start turning things around for you! ♥

Either way, big love x Know that you got this. Know that it’s working. And know that there are a lot of us here who know how you feel ♥ Sending love! ♥

Time for 2019 to FUCKING ROCK.

Celebrating with you,