So you wanna make your business epic?

business coach + consultant, specializing in epic messaging + strong biz foundations


I work with coaches, healers, online service providers, and creatives who work because they want to serve and support their clients and their readers and the world with their gifts in a way that feels incredibly valuable, helpful, and healing AND so that they can support and create a life that THEY absolutely adore to live in.

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Book Paying Clients

You’re a newbie business owner, you want to do this right. You understand there’s a lot of great information out there, and you’ve probably already done a few programs. But you want to ensure that you’re pulling out and implementing the right information for you, setting your business up on the right foundations. The foundations of ‘this is working’ rather than worry and wonder.

You’re making less than $2000 a month in your business.

You’re selling 1:1 programs, group programs, or online courses.

You have a brilliant business idea you just need to implement it.

You have launched but didn’t hit your income goals. You feel like it’s a hit or miss whether you will make money each month in your business. You’re even worrying about whether you’re doing it all right all the time.

BPC is a monthly group membership program designed to get you…

building the foundations of your business with powerful messaging, simple and authentic strategy, and strong supports for YOU, the business owner, and your clients and readers, so that you can book MORE clients in your business authentically and set up your business right for success into the future.

$97 a month

(discounts available for 3, 6, and 12 month memberships)

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Creative Biz: For Real

You’ve been in business for a while, but you’ve largely had referrals, word of mouth, and some handheld online sales.

You want to reach a bigger audience but you need stronger systems in place to make sure you can scale while keeping your whits and sanity about you.

You’re ready for some bigger PR, bigger visibility, a bigger list.

Your goal is to make $5,000 to $10,000 consistently each month. 

Creative Biz For Real is a  1:1 coaching program that gets you:

  • Putting the fundamentals of your business in place so that you have a strong structure for growing a sustainable business with a roster full of soulmate clients and consistent $5K + $10K income months
  • Setting up marketing and sales processes that work for YOU, your unique business, and your soulmate clients so that you can consistently book clients, make sales, and grow your business sustainably over time so that you can have a life AND business that you absolutely adore
  • Successfully out of overwhelm, too much to do, not enough time, and strugglebussing your way to booking clients and making money in your business and into flow, fun, and ease of a business that serves and supports YOU, your CLIENTS, and your LIFE

3 months


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Your business is a space you’ve created for your clients, your readers, serving them and serving and supporting you.

You’re good at what you do, your clients and readers know that and love your work.

You create a consistent income ($5k a month and above), but you are still battling with time, busyness, month-to-month paychecks, and even your own mind every day.

You just know your messaging and marketing to could stand out more.

You know that you could CREATE more, get out of this business rat race, and just really FLOURISH while helping so many more people.

You know that there’s an opportunity here for you, as you face this new goal and new level of success, to step into the next version of you, to fully embody everything you love and stand for.

You know that 1:1 attention and support will take you to the next level. You know that having Sarah’s vibe in your corner each week with personal attention will help not only your business, but everything you stand for – from your financial freedom to your brand to your mindset.

1:1 mentorship programs that support you to…

  • Focus on your creativity, your output, and your productivity in your work so that you can get SO MUCH MORE done while allowing so much space for your creativity and own way of doing things that everything gets done and it is fun to do
  • Tap into POWERFUL confidence in your gift, in their INCREDIBLE service and need in the world, so that you can put your work out there in a big way and get PAID for all that you want to contribute
  • Step into the version of you that makes blockbuster films publishes New York Times Bestsellers, and sells her artwork, designs, and handbags to the world… now

6 months


(3 month and 12 month options available)

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Things we can work on

(Also known as, “Sarah Elizabeth, what do you even know?”)

Business Strategy

  • Breaking your big, dream-size, life-size goals into simple steps and strategies, including
  • Booking your first awesome client
  • Booking out your business for consistent income
  • Getting a handle on the systems and strategy to stay organized, clear, and grow your business

Marketing + Messaging

  • Effortless, gorgeous, epic, inspiring content (that converts)
  • Awesome, easy, simple, epic copy (that sells)
  • Helping you get CLEAR on your ideal client so that your content and copy speaks right to her
  • And helping you tighten up your writing to the point of effortless epic, every time


  • Conquering WordPress gremlins
  • Defeating Mailchimp goblins
  • Battling Leadpages monsters
  • Outsmarting webinar poltergeists
  • Besting most tech evildoers and troublemakers that come with running your own online creative business, including but not limited to getting a clear handle on your websites, automatic sales funnels + automation, social media technology, and production and marketing strategy.

Other talents that make an appearance in my work

  • Film
  • Sound
  • Performance
  • Production
  • Making silly faces

Sarah Elizabeth, who?

With more than 9 years of experience as a teacher and coach for all ages and with more nerding out experience in tech and epic content than I sometimes care to admit (nevermind: I’m proud), I started coaching because there’s nothing that excites me more than seeing my clients create some epic stuff and change the world with their business, their service, and their talents.

My clients have gone from hobbyists, bloggers, and daydreaming creatives to powerhouse businesswomen serving the world with their unique gifts and giving purpose to their dreams and creativity.

By combining my unique expertise of technology, media, writing, performance, film, and sound technology, we work together not just to get your business up and running but to do it with insane value, insane heart, and epic amounts of creativity and fun.

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