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When you can’t create consistent sales in your business, you leave your business up to chance. 

When you don’t have support and a consistent plan for SHIFTING back into a high vibe, badass CEO mindset, you leave your sales and business up to chance.

What if we stopped leaving it up to chance…?


I knew a beautiful-souled lady not long ago who was starting a business.

She had such a big heart. A good idea. And was absolutely psyched about starting her business, working to help her future clients, and all the freedom that comes with being a creative online business owner. Working when she wanted. Being able to scale her income quickly and easily. Taking time off when she needed or wanted. Being able to treat her family to organic groceries and vacation time. It sounded amazing to her.

She just needed to, as she said, “just freaking do it already!”

A few months later she came back to me, with a heartbreaking and too common story.

“I launched my website, my business, my coaching packages, and crickets.”

“I post on Facebook, and blog, and email my tiny list, and nothing.”

“I’ve had like 10 sales calls in the last 6 months, and I keep hearing, ‘No.’”

“I’m working like 14 hour days, and my husband’s getting frustrated, and I’m getting frustrated, and I just don’t know what else to do.”

Not a single solitary reason why she’d started her business was happening for her – impact for her people and freedom for herself and her family – and all those doubts that had been there all along were getting so loud that she was losing momentum by the millisecond.

Worse still, the “evidence” that she’d been building up for so long – i.e. NOT growing her business, MORE and more people saying things like “I can’t afford it,” or “I’m sure you’re valuable but…”, NOT seeing the return on her efforts and time and investments – meant that she was losing BELIEF quickly, and HOPE quickly, and it was becoming harder and harder for her to show up at all.

She had more proof that it WASN’T going to work for her than it WAS. 

We quickly sat down and diagnosed a lot of what was going wrong here. Some of it was strategy + practical. And some of it was personal + belief + an opportunity for growth.

• She’d launched her business expecting people to find her painstakingly put together website and social media channels rather than having a system and a strategy to master to ACTIVELY find and enroll clients.

• She had a million and one offerings, bits of content, and pieces to do for her business that were just overwhelming and leaving her with mountains of work and not a lot of results (and a struggle to decide where to focus her efforts).

• She struggled to CLEARLY communicate what she did and who she was to her people and in a crowded online marketplace, AND a lot of the reason why was when I asked her what she did, she wasn’t even that sure.

• And she had severe imposter syndrome, lots of doubts and worries, and so much mental stuff going on that was blocking her from getting stuff done, feeling in flow and empowered and resourceful, and able to create the freedom that she so wanted.

What happens when we get frustrated with our slowing momentum and say, “I just need to freaking do it already,” is that second later, we’re like, “Wait, how?!?!”’

“Just do it”, as inspiring as it is, is not enough.

We need a plan.

We need a strategy.

And not just for making sales but also for supporting ourselves through the hard days and constantly shifting back into a more powerful headspace.

We need to learn new skills.

We need to be able to find the holes, where things aren’t working, and patch them up.

We need to grow and mature personally so that we can get in flow and get stuff done.

And we need to believe and understand that ALL of that is learnable.

That’s exactly what she did. After we diagnosed all of this stuff, we got to work. Built a strategy. Mastered the heck out of it. And in the meantime, kept looking at the personal stuff that needed to heal, grow, and mature so that she could keep growing as a fucking epic resourceful business owner online.

And day-to-day, week-to-week she made sure she was SUPPORTED. She USED the supports built into my program, she reached out when she had a bad day to quickly shift patterns and beliefs, and she PRIORITIZED her own healing and wellbeing so that she could serve at the highest level and make positive business shifts quickly.

It’s freaking NECESSARY that you get good at this stuff. And it’s freaking necessary that you learn to believe and understand that ALL of that is learnable.

It’s necessary and it’s possible.

Because if someone else can do it – and she did, so many have! – why the HECK can’t you?

It’s necessary – if your business, if helping your people, if that LIFE, and FREEDOM, and EPICNESS, is something you want – it’s freaking necessary that you start getting good at this stuff.

SO where are you getting stuck? If any of that stuff sounds familiar to you, I want to help. Where are you getting stuck?
If you’re struggling to book more clients, hit me up. Let’s figure out where things might be falling apart for you, where to focus your energies next, so that you can learn, grow, and move forward.

And get stepping up beyond “just doing it”. It’s time to GROW <3

To the necessities,

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