copy-of-blog-post-template-twitter-and-blog-2Okay, for real. On a scale of 1 to 10, how overwhelming do you find working with technology? Like software, hardware, things like Mailchimp, Leadpages, WordPress, Hootsuite, setting up this or that app on your computer or phone so you can get more work done?

Because I definitely thought that you had a big handle on that, but I’e heard a ton lately from creative online entrepreneurs who are ready to do something epic with insane value and insane heart… but are struggling to figure out how to connect the Mailchimp list to the Leadpage opt-in… et alia.

Uh oh!

So if you’ve ever found technology, strategy, or just simply figuring out how, like literally the step-by-step process you need to take in order to get from just talking about your dreams, goals, and plans to actually doing them, then this one’s for you.

It’s not the technology stuff that’s stopping us or overwhelming us. 

It’s us.

Duh, Sarah, you’re a coach, of course you’re going to say that. 

But hold on there, dear, let me explain. 

When we sit down to a technology program, say like the WordPress website that I’m posting this blog from or the Internet browser that you’re reading it from, we don’t usually get overwhelmed if we know what we’re doing.

We’ve practiced.

We’ve done it before.

We say it’s easy.

We got this.

But when we have to sit down and figure out a technology problem in order to do something that we’ve never done before, here’s what usually happens. 

What the heck?

I can’t do this.

This is ridiculous.

Technology hates me.

I just don’t have a head for this stuff.

I’m going to hire someone.

Sarah’s ridiculous.

But what if it’s not the technology or the new process that is any more complicated or overwhelming than that simple step-by-step tech process you do to send an email or read an email?

What if it’s not even the new technology or the new process that seems any more complicated or overwhelming?

What if the thing that seems more complicated or overwhelming was actually that new thing that you’ve never done before?

That thing that you’ve never been able to achieve before.

That thing that a part of you has been putting off because you didn’t think you could do it, were able to do it, were good enough to do it.

That thing that learning the technology and actually accomplishing it would enable you to do.

What if it wasn’t that technology was overwhelming, but that instead, we were simply hiding in overwhelm in order to not have to face those fears?

I’m not good enough.

I will never succeed.

That dream that I have had for ages and keep talking about will never come true because it’s not valuable.

I’ve been kidding myself.

Which leads me back to my favorite phrase, dear one. 

The difference between thriving entrepreneurs who are doing big, fat, epic stuff with insane value and insane heart and those who stay stuck, overwhelmed, confused, and without direction, is that those who thrive believe and understand that their dreams have value and purpose. 

I didn’t say that those people’s dreams have value and purpose.

I said that they believe they have value and purpose.

What if I told you you didn’t have to decide that your dreams have value and purpose?

What if I told you that they already did?

You just have to believe it.

I bet technology would become a much more easily conquered beast, right?

Because once you conquer it, all your dreams will be able to exist.

For realz.

You don’t need permission from me, love, to do something epic.

You need permission from yourself…

Granting permission,




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