Testimonials, client lovin’, and some proof that this work, works epically….

[Sarah Elizabeth] has this really cool way of cutting through all of the bullshit and tearing down the walls people put up really fast. Maybe it’s just really strong intuition? Like she’s just really good at reading people? I met/spoke to her for the first time in NY and after talking for literally 5 minutes and answering 2 or 3 questions (that I was totally not expecting, but were the PERFECT questions to ask) she had pinpointed where I was stuck and why. It’s like she has a special way of pushing you outside your comfort zone without actually making you feel uncomfortable. I’ve never met anyone else that can do that....

She will make you a better person.

She will make you think about things from a new perspective that you have literally never thought of before (and that’s hard to do for chronic overthinkers like me).

She is blunt and says what other people are too scared to say, but she brings in so much positive energy with her that you welcome it instead of fearing it… I think a lot of people are scared to look deep enough and to hear the “real truth” about themselves about how they’re living their life/running their biz/communicating their message. They know it’s probably something they’re doing “wrong” and humans naturally fear change. But Sarah not only removes the fear, she makes you actually WANT to understand and be better without ever making you feel bad or wrong.

Brooke Lawson

Brand Strategist, Go Filament

I overcame being afraid of booking clients. I have 3 actual, paying clients when before I had zero, so that’s definitely progress!
The biggest change in my business since working together has been mostly in my attitude. You gave me belief. I know I want this. I want to be successful.
Heather Hartman

Nutrition + Wellness Coach, Heather Hartman Coaching

Sarah is the missing link for businesses that serve from the heart. Before working with her, I couldn’t figure out how to make my business fit the standardized mold of courses that teach how to make money in business. 

My copy is so much tighter, I broke through my list-building plateau, and my Facebook post engagements are up by 194% and my page likes by 150% in the last 28 days. I’m getting noticed. 

Sarah showed me how to make a standardized mold fit my heart-based business — something I could never do before. That’s hugely valuable!

Kathy Mercure

Storyhealer, Kathy Mercure

Sarah Elizabeth is my first business coach,  and I’m so glad I made the decision to start working with her. I am more organized, have a better control of my time management and have a clearer vision on what I need to do when. I no longer feel overwhelmed by my first launch of a new service but rather look forward to each task. She’s quick as a wink and asks spot on questions that make me realize why I’m feeling stuck. This makes me concentrate on the cause and eliminate the problem altogether so that I can just move on.

Jessica Lohmann

Voice Talent | Content Marketing Strategist, Jessica Lohmann

Sarah really has a fearless and inspiring ‘wake up, shake up’ approach to push you out of that comfort zone and follow the real dream, rather than the one that you convince yourself to follow just because it seems easier and safer. I love Sarah’s commitment to helping you to push through the barriers that are stopping you, even when you are convinced they aren’t barriers at all. Thank you so much, Sarah!

Ria Gor

Coach + Marketer, The Creative Penguin

Sarah Elizabeth Lahoud is a writing & media coach for creatives & entrepreneurs. Her heart-centered site, down-to-earth demeanor, and no-bullshit attitude is an immense help to writers and creatives everywhere.

Her way of helping me was different than most people’s approach. She didn’t’ tell me what I should do. We just talked and through a genuine conversation, I figured it out myself. She didn’t allow me to bullshit myself and called me out on my uncomfortableness.

After 6 weeks of mini epiphanies I had a clearer vision of what I wanted and stopped worrying about the “how” of things.

Taylor Davis

Writer + Coach, Find the Freedom Project

Sarah Elizabeth and I immediately connected.  Although I was expecting strictly business content and strategy coaching, I received SO MUCH MORE.  I feel I have a cheerleader, a teacher, a mentor, and a trusted confidant that has allowed me to feel safer in my own vulnerabilities, and in sharing them with others.  I’m blown away by the value I’ve received in working with her one on one.  Not to mention her group workshops!   Thank you Sarah Elizabeth, for helping me make A Beautiful Mess a reality
Erin Hill

Coach, A Beautiful Mess, LLC

I felt much clearer on what I needed to do to achieve my goals. Sarah Elizabeth pulled no punches and told me what I needed to hear, rather than what I wanted to hear. She identified areas which I needed to revisit and gain clarity. Her no-nonsense, supportive approach, coupled with her ability to make you feel at ease, really helped me in gaining clarity around what I wanted to achieve and how to achieve it. I would recommend her to anyone needing support with their business and online communication.

Alison McClean

Blogger & Biz Owner

[V]ery straightforward about what I needed to work on, but kind. That helped me create much better content and really sell to my audience. I feel supported and like I made a friend. I also feel like I know someone to go to when I need the best feedback.

Crystal Holdefer

Writer, StressFreeSuccess

Clarity. Sarah Elizabeth hears everything you say but she really listens to what your heart is saying. And when that is reflected back to you by an “impartial observer”, the clarity hits you like a revelation… I was more committed than ever to push forward with my plans as I felt validated and focused after discussing my business hopes and my life priorities. Sarah Elizabeth is so easy to talk to, so business savvy and full of smarts that I wish I’d “met” her sooner in my creative journey!
Elle Richards

Blogger + Biz Owner, ElleRichards.com

Sarah Elizabeth was able to help shape my goals into specific actions and concrete steps. With her help, my jumbled mess of a writing sample was ironed out into a well thought out paper! She is easy to talk to, straightforward and able to see the big picture to help you achieve what you want. Sarah Elizabeth was always timely in her emails- despite the 8 hour time difference! She gave detailed criticisms and solutions in her responses. Sarah Elizabeth was an all around pleasure to work with and I’d love to work with her on future projects.
Ellison Avery O'Reilly