In my world – the world of online, creative entrepreneurs – we get a lot of woo-woo advice. 

Especially around setting goals and achieving them.

Want to make more money in your business and actually be able to pay your bills?

Better make a vision board. 

Want to grow your list, create a great offer, and launch it?

Better spend 50 years mulling over the idea until it feels crystal clear before you start. 

Want to be booked out with amazing clients?

Better wait until Mercury Retrograde is over.

Meanwhile, in the more traditional business space, we got a lot of people just telling us to buckle down and do the work, even if you have no idea what you’re doing or how to do it. 

The conclusion being that if you’re not getting it done, then you clearly don’t want it badly enough.

Now I don’t necessarily agree or disagree with any of those opinions, advice, or knowledge – in fact, I think they all have merit. 

All of those ideas, advice, etc., from both the woo-woo space and the business-minded space are valuable, and all will be things that you learn and adapt throughout your business and personal journeys.

But truly, the number one thing, the first and ultimately important thing, you need to know about setting big business goals and actually achieving them is pretty simple. 

Allow me to explain with sort of a weird example.

As a dance teacher for the past 8 or 9 years, I have taught a lot of people how to do a cartwheel.

Teenagers. Toddlers. A handful of adults…

But the interesting thing about teaching a cartwheel to someone is that I can’t. Not really.

a) It’s nearly impossible to slow down a cartwheel enough to show what’s going on and yet maintain the overall appearance of what a final cartwheel at full speed will look like.

b) Doing your first cartwheel is never, ever, ever about understanding the theory or mechanics of how to do it

Instead, it’s always about believing that you can. 

I can break down a cartwheel, I can hold your legs while you do it, I can help you practice over and over again, but ultimately all I’m doing when teaching a cartwheel is facilitating you the space to try it and bolstering your confidence whenever it’s needed.

We’ll break it down into baby steps – right hand down, left hand down, one leg kick, the other leg kick – and it won’t look anything like the final product.

You’ll probably freak out because I’m asking you to put your entire weight on a body part – your hand – that has never had to hold you up before. And of course there’s the legs kicking above your head thing. Unnatural, some say.

You’ll probably want to keep going really slowly, performing a “cartwheel” that looks nothing like it’s supposed to.

And you will be embarrassed to do it in front of other people because it doesn’t look right.

After a while of practicing that weird slow-mo cartwheel, you’ll feel comfortable enough with that, but because it’s now time to actually do it, you’re having a hard time believing that you can. And you’ll probably fight me on it.

You won’t be able to see how you could possibly get to that gorgeous finished product – you won’t believe that you can actually do a “real” cartwheel – because you mostly won’t believe that those baby steps you’ve been performing have prepared you enough to do the big thing.

But I’m telling you, those baby steps have given you everything you need. 

The last thing that’s missing is belief. 

So you’ll keep practicing in your comfort zone, keep taking baby steps, until one day you shock yourself.

You did it.

And now you believe you can.

The number one thing you need to set big goals, achieve them, and get stuff done in your business is a sense of belief. 

And that won’t come until you prove it to yourself. 

We often wait for belief and confidence in order to kick butt in our businesses.

But the irony is that the belief will come once we start kicking butt.

The biggest mistake you’re making is making the big goals – your launch, your first client, your book – too momentous and enormous. You’re putting too much on the line for them in your head. And you’re basically scaring yourself right away because you don’t believe you could ever possibly achieve that cartwheel. 

So the best thing you can do?

Break that big goal – your launch, your first client, your book – into baby steps. These are your strategy. Tackle them. 

When you do those baby steps, you will look around one day and realize you launched your first program to resounding success, you booked out six months in advanced with amazing clients, and you wrote a book on the bestseller list.

You did the darned thing.

So, break that big scary impossible looking goal into baby steps. And keep doing them, until you realize that you believe enough to do the “real” cartwheel.

Keeping doing them, even when it feels like they’re not working.

Keep doing them, even when you feel like you’ve lost sight of the bigger goal.

And keep doing them even when you don’t believe you’ll ever get to the big goal.

Trust the baby steps.

Trust the strategy.

It’s working…

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