Wait, What Should I Be Doing Right Now?


You know those days where you spend about an hour scheduling your whole day, writing out every item on your to-do list, craft it all to perfection, and then you sit down to implement and you’re like…

Wait, what should I do right now?

Was this even a good to-do list?

Maybe I shouldn’t do coursework, but instead should spend some time writing all my blog posts.

Oh wait, should I redesign my website? I don’t want to post all this great content on a terrible website.

Should I brand my business instead? I can’t design my website without a pretty brand.

Oh wait. I have to pick colors. Should I create a moodboard? Should I buy a course on design?

Should I even waste more money on courses? Should I spend some time today finishing the courses I have already bought?

Wait, should I master Pinterest or Facebook first?

And can I even hope to build my list without a great Facebook biz page?

Can I even sell anything in my business without a big list?

Maybe I should build my list today.

But how do I even do that?

Should I, should I, should I?


WTF is my life right now?

You know those days. The ones where you’re just like, “What do I even do next? Where do I focus my energy? How will I ever make this work when there’s just SOOO FREAKING MUCH that I have to do?”

Speaking as someone who’s invested a lot of time and energy and, let’s be real for a sec, money into herself and her business and her education on all of the above (and I mean a LOT, girl), I get that right now you’re feeling pulled in a million directions, like you’re always overwhelmed and two steps behind and overwhelmed because you’re two steps behind and two steps behind because you’re overwhelmed. I get that there are a million “should I’s” or “I shoulds” or “what ifs” or “ooh ooh THIS” that are pulling you in a million different directions. And I get that on top of all of that (or maybe beneath it) is this nagging, I-don’t-even-admit-it-usually feeling that you’re just going to fail, that this will never work anyway, so like, why bother, maybe I’m just not meant to make a decent living, maybe this is just not realistic, maybe this just isn’t real life, maybe I’m just avoiding real life, real responsibility, and being an adult and accepting it.

Maybe I’m just a fraud in front of all of my friends when I say, “I’m starting a business,” or “I’m a fancy coach that serves really epic and awesome people.”

Maybe I’ll have to go back to that soul-sucking job anyway.

Maybe this just won’t work.

Because let’s face it. If I was really going to be good at this online, creative, entrepreneurial stuff, I would be able to decide where to focus my freaking energies by now.

I would know what to do next.

I would just freaking do it.

And I don’t.

Wait, maybe I should go figure it out now.

And back into the “should I” loop you go.

What do you do when you don’t know what to do next?

How do you know where to focus your energies?

And how do you stick with something long enough, without second guessing yourself, to get that shit done so that you can actually move on to the next thing?

I’m going to be real with you for a second. I found even WRITING all that stuff up there overwhelming. It was negative, difficult, stressful, overwhelming, confusing, baffling, and just altogether a whole load of this…



And I know that’s how you’re feeling right now.

Which sucks.

But the real problem isn’t that you’re feeling like this. That’s just a symptom. And the diagnosis is simple.

Now we can treat the cause or we can treat the symptoms.

Treating the symptoms would look like this:
Your problem is that you don’t have a freaking PLAN, girl. So, sit down, make a plan, a schedule, a to-do list with ACTUAL priorities, and STICK TO IT.

Treating the symptoms means I’ll say: “If the problem is that you’re just not doing it, girl, then the solution is just freaking do it already.”

But, of course, there’s an underlying reason you’re not doing it, girl. Saying just do it when you’re feeling like that is like a doctor saying your arm hurts because your arm hurts. Um, thanks. But, how do I fix it?

So we can treat the cause.

Because the real problem is not that you can’t get anything done, your to-do list is too long, or that you have sooooo much that you should be doing.

The real problem is that you don’t know what to do…. and that when you figure it out, your fears all pop back out and go NOPE you can’t actually DO that.

The real problem is that you’re surrounded by “should I”s and overwhelm.

The real problem, the cause, is that you’re not clear on what to do next, and you’re being pulled by your crazy to-do list, too much advice floating around the Internet, and your own fear and overwhelm to get anything done.

Treating the cause looks like getting clear on a goal.

And a strategy that will get you there.

And then forgetting the rest.

Treating the cause looks like giving yourself the space and permission to make priorities, to make time for EVERYTHING that needs doing, but also not second guessing your strategy once you set it.

Set it. GO with it. Act on it.

It’s simple. It’s just not easy.

Find a strategy that will help you, your situation, your goals, get help from someone who knows what she’s talking about, someone who’s been there before, someone who you connect with in a big way, someone who empathizes with you.

But figure it out.

Stop second guessing yourself, simply act on what you know needs doing. And honestly, wholeheartedly, forget the rest.

It’s going to be work. It’s going to be tough. And it’s going to bring up those fears, and those insecurities, and those things that you don’t want to feel.

It is.

That’s just the nature of the game.

But know that that scary stuff is going to come. Know that it’s going to feel difficult, and scary, and impossible while you’re down in the trenches doing the work. But there’s a time for planning, to-do lists, strategies, looking down at the plan from 50,000 ft above, and there’s a time to keep your head down and hustle, in the midst of the trenches, getting your hands dirty and just plain acting. Don’t confuse the two places. Just set yourself a path. And get ready to follow it, like a hero, no matter what obstacles are thrown in your way.

And remember that obstacles can look a lot like “should I”s….

Keep moving,




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