Eimear* came to me a successful life coach. She had clients she loved working with. She had cash. She was kind of sort of content.

But she was successful via only one business strategy.
And really, she didn’t feel successful at all.
(“I mean, I should be so glad I’m making money at all, I know so many coaches who aren’t. But like, is it always going to be this hard? Is it always going to be a few thousand this month and then a struggle for a few hundred next?”)
She had ben getting clients following a strategy that one of her coaching certification organizations had given her for booking clients. And it worked.

But she came to me… because even worse than the “It’s ‘sort of’ working” problem, slowly but surely her one money maker was starting to NOT work.

She was booking fewer and fewer discovery calls and even fewer clients.

And the success she’d found so far was slowly entering the endangered list.

(And it’s worth noting that she was also frustrated that she hadn’t been able to grow beyond her success plateau, even before she noticed her one strategy starting to fail her.)

Cue freak out.

And a call to Sarah Elizabeth (i.e. me.)

There were two big missing pieces for Eimear.

Firstly, she didn’t UNDERSTAND, not REALLY, what was working in her initial strategy so she couldn’t either troubleshoot it when it started to fall apart for no apparent reason NOR could she repeat her results with a new campaign or with a totally different strategy.

And a related second missing piece was that she hadn’t diversified (successfully) though she’d tried (because she didn’t understand HOW the strategies worked), to include other strategies for finding and booking new clients, so when her one strategy that HAD worked started changing (costs of ads change, the economy changes, culture changes, algorithms change, we live in a changing world so one strategy will not hold you forever), she was helpless and just sat and watched while her success slowly entered the “falling action”.

Eimear and I went deeeeeep into basics:
her messaging, her power and empathy for her clientele, and the psychology and strategy behind WHAT was ACTUALLY working and HOW it was working in her existing strategy so it wasn’t just luck.

It was repeatable. Both in that strategy and in any new ones she added to the plate.

Most of my industry teaches rote formulas and strategies WITHOUT going deep into understanding what works AND WHY (so that there’s no mystery, you actually feel like you’ve gained “real-businesswoman” status, and you can implement ANY strategy because you GET it – strategies, people, and yourself and business) and without a deep connection and relationship with YOU, your work, your clients, and your starting point and goals.

Most of my industry is not getting results.

My clients, Eimear included, are.

(Eimear is now making consistent $5K – $10K months, booking discovery calls and clients consistently AND quickly, and building strategies to bring more scale, consistency, freedom, and ease into her life and business. She comes to almost every coaching call with another, “Sarah, I booked another client this week…” She and I are currently working on her next campaign right now.)

*Name changed.


P.S. This story is the story of MANY of my clients. I have worked with dozens and dozens of women just like Eimear. Women who have found success on a strategy, feeling like they finally had it made and sorted, only to find that they couldn’t scale or repeat their results when things went weird, women who felt like when push came to shove they were really still throwing spaghetti at walls not sure what was working or why and not entirely convinced that they knew what they were doing or had reached “real-businesswoman” status.

And like Eimear, their stories have been ending successfully, though with a totally different (and better) definition of “success” than we started this story with.

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