I want you to come work with me

It’s simple.

We sit and we struggle and we work hard and we add to our piles of to-dos and strategies and even knowledge, certifications, and programs in our bookmarks tab.

And yet, all of this gums it all up until we can’t see the truth any more.

The truth is simple.

So simple, that it sounds dumb to our ears when I say it.

Everything is possible for you.

And that’s fucking it.

Your $10K/month business.

Working with amazing people that you love and feel so so so so incredibly connected to and feel excited to work with everyday, people you celebrate as much as they celebrate you.

Standing on a stage speaking to a crowd of thousands and thousands and OWNING that shit.

Whatever it is that you’re after next in your business – the next launch, the successful group program, doubling your list, upping your prices – it’s all so possible for you.

I want everything for you. And a little bit of showing up every day brings such swift and life changing results it hurts.

It hurts my heart to see you not taking them.

I want you to come work with me.

I want you to change everything from the inside out, to step into the version of you that KNOWS this is possible, but not just knows it but acts like it.

I want everything that you want for yourself.

And I want to be able to send you an email today that changes your life.

And I couldn’t think of anything else to say except this:

When you’re ready, I want to work with you. 

Together, we’ll change your life. And from there, we’ll change the world.

Celebrating with you,