Here’s what i say when you’re doing all the work and you’re not hitting your income goals.

• What does your offer look like? Is it a good offer, do people get results in it, is it well structured and easy and empowering for you to deliver? Does it exhaust you? Can it fund you at its current price point? Will it sell at its current price point?

• And what does your offer look like on the outside? Is it easy and straightforward for people to find and enroll? Does its immense value come across in your messaging, your content, your sales pages, your sales strategy?

• Do you HAVE a sales strategy? Have you actually made this offer to people recently?

If you have and it’s not selling, what does your sales strategy look like? Do we need to improve conversions on your emails, your sales calls, your conversations, your content?

And if you HAVEN’t and it’s not selling, what do we need to do to get this offer out there, in front of more people, AND improve your conversion rates?

• Do you have a regular content or marketing strategy? Are people regularly engaging with your content? And if they want more, are they able to FIND more, and easily be able to sign up and work with you?

USUALLY what’s happening when someone isn’t hitting their income goals is that they’re not doing ONE of these. OR their messaging or their sales strategies ARE OFF KILTER.

We’ll go through the list above,

And more importantly we look at three things.

Firstly, are your numbers there…. Do you actually have enough leads coming in to book enough clients at the right price point to hit your income goal AND STILL FEEL ENERGIZED in your business?

(Hint, it’s not enough that you have a million people signing up. Are you going to be exhausted and not financed enough for the energy you’re putting in?)

And we look at ways to ramp up those numbers with the work that you’re already doing.

Secondly, is your sales strategy there…. Do you actually have a way that you’re good at and enjoy to bring people into your business, to allow them to get to know you and your work and feel what it’s like to buy your work and go through your programs? Or have you built a sales strategy that is not working OR that you are exhausted in every month (because your sales strategy is half of your business) OR WORSE, both?

And thirdly, is your messaging powerful…. can I read a piece of yours and go DAMN this person knows her shit? I absolutely want to learn more about this problem and her work? I know exactly what she does, and I NEED THAT?

When we ramp up the first two – the numbers, and the sales strategy – if we add in POWERFUL messaging, you can almost GUARANTEE your success.

Chances are you’re doing amazing work in your business and a lot of people could benefit from it.

Chances are as well that you’re working really hard to design and build a business that works and supports you.

And chances are, if it’s not working AND/OR you’re exhausted all the time or just not hitting your income goals, we could fix that quickly, easily, and with less hours spent in your business than you’re currently working.

Want to do all this work with me?

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(Have you ever tried to do this on your own, only hearing conversations about how hard it is? It is SO hard to stay creative and light when you’re in an environment like that! Imagine being in an environment where what everyone is always saying, ‘EVERYTHING is possible’ and ‘I’m doing it my way and it feels AMAZING’)

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