Knowing the right strategy to grow your creative business and following your dreamsKnowing the right strategy to grow your creative business and following your dreams

Knowing the right strategy to grow your creative business and following your dreams

Are you happy with where you are and where you’re going?

Personally, professionally, health-wise, blog-wise, travel-wise, relationship-wise, and all those other -wises?

Here’s another question for you. Do you know how you’re going to get to where you’re going?

If not, does that bother you?

And the last question. Do you trust yourself?

These may all seem like crazy existential questions, but they’re questions that I hear constantly – both in my own head and from clients – because deciding what business you want, deciding to start freelancing full-time, deciding to commit to a new lifestyle and to success in writing and blogging and soul-centered business is, shockingly, not the hardest part of this journey.

The hardest part is figuring out how to grow your creative business. 

The hardest part is trusting yourself.

Here’s what I know to be true.

For the first question, most of us are not happy with where we are and where we’re going, whether we realize it or not. Because if you’re not happy with where you are, then by extension, you cannot be happy with where you’re going. Because exactly where you are is where you’re going if you don’t change something. And if you change something, where you are is different.

But say you change where you are and where you’re going. Say you decide to quit your job and start a business. Say you decide to join a coaching program to lose the weight once and for all. Say you decide to sell your house and travel. Say you decide to become a famous actress or writer or blogger. That’s awesome. It means you’ve changed something in your path and where you’re going is a much happier, more fulfilled, more you place than where you are right now. You’ve figured out your purpose.

Here comes the second question. How do you get there?

Again, here’s what I know to be true, from working through this stuff myself and with dozens of my own clients.

The how do you get there thought is the thought that will always stop you from getting there.

Because it’s terrifying to accept a goal for yourself without knowing how to get there.

And so you understandably want to chicken out if you don’t know the how yet. 

Most of us come from a modern system called proper education where we enter around age 4 or 5 and are given a specified path from there until 18 (or 22) when we’re fully qualified to enter the “real world” in whatever capacity we feel most confident in, where feeling confident is really just feeling safe.

What that means is that we develop a sense of crippling security. From the age of 4, our path and every step of our how is predetermined for us. But it’s a how to a goal that is no longer what we want.

Because if you want to stick it out where you are right now – in that job you don’t like, in financial insecurity, in feeling stuck – then you’re sorted because that’s exactly where that how took you.

But if you are ready to set yourself a different goal, you’re not going to know how to get there. And that’s terrifying.

But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go for it. And it certainly doesn’t mean that you have to know how you’re going to get there.

You can’t know how. Not yet, anyway.

Because you’re heading somewhere that you haven’t gone yet! How can you possibly know how to get there?

Decide where you want to go, no matter how terrifying the prospect. The how will figure itself out along the way.

Your purpose is unique to you. Your goals are unique to you. And the right ones are probably a lot bigger and scarier than you’re thinking right now.

What’s the soft little voice inside of you saying? What’s the dream you had as a kid that has never really gone away, has just poked at you annoyingly your whole life? What’s the ultimate, if-money-and-the-how-were-no-issue-at-all goal you would go for right now?

Is it to become a famous composer?

A multi-billionaire running an international airline?

A children’s book author creating an entire fantasy realm for millions of readers?

A blogger or soul-centered business owner touching the lives of millions who need you around the world?

Decide that’s where you’re going. And stop worrying about the how right now. Just keep walking forward, and help will come. The how will come.

I don’t believe in coincidences. If you’re reading this post, it’s part of the how. Every random opportunity is part of the how. Every opportunity that presents itself is part of the how. Perhaps it means that a part of your how will be working with me. Perhaps part of your how will simply be following my blog posts and other content and advice. And perhaps it means part of your how will be discovering another great coach or course or mentor to help you grow your creative business. But if you’re reading this post, it’s part of your how. That I know for sure.

If the how doesn’t seem obvious right now, keep showing up anyway. The how will appear in the form of an opportunity, a scary investment, a blog post, a cup of coffee on a rainy day. It’ll show up in the form of a stranger offering to pay for that cup of coffee or even a plane ticket (both have happened for me!) It will show up in the form of three freelance job offers appearing in your inbox to cover the bills while you figure out your next how.

The how you get there will show up as soon as you commit to the where you’re going. 

So go for it.


Rooting for you,