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Marketing is, at its heart, communication.


Writing, at its heart, is also communication.


And writing, with insane heart, is just epic marketing. 


Are you ready to create an epic life and business?


It’s time for some epic marketing.


You’ve got a great business, but you are missing out on your impact.

And I know how that feels.

I had a business, some great offers, and the potential to make money and build a business and life I loved. I knew what it took to do it in terms of the landing pages, sales funnels, and all that stuff.

But marketing, communication, writing, social media – all of these buzz words used to strike fear into my heart. I felt like I was in a state of constant faking it.

Feeling like I can’t communicate, market, write about my insanely valuable business absolutely sucked.


Sarah Elizabeth Lahoud writing and media coach writing online coaching course

It absolutely sucks to shy away from your writing through procrastination and a lack of motivation.

It sucks to struggle through your marketing, to feel like you’re never doing it quite right.

It sucks to feel like you’re constantly working but still struggling to make a sale.

It sucks to feel like you have to get all sleazy and inauthentic just to make any sales.

It sucks to spend hours writing new content just to go back and redo it two or three different times because you felt like you did it wrong when you found a new tip or trick.


And it really sucks to feel like your awesome offers are getting lost in the shuffle because you just can’t get the epic words in the right epic freakin’ order.

Sarah Elizabeth Lahoud writing and media coach group coaching writing class for blogging and business

But it doesn’t have to suck. If all that could be fixed, if your biggest writing and marketing problems were solved, what would that feel like?

Imagine all of your copy artfully and effortlessly infused with your unique personality.

Imagine being able to organize your ideas faster and get your work done better the first time, giving you more time to do what you want to do.

Imagine selling without the sleaze, infusing your heart into everything you write and communicate, from blog posts to sales pages to Facebook ads.

Imagine really connecting and making the sale.


Imagine making freaking epic communication. Imagine connecting, making the sale, and, most importantly, making an impact. 

Imagine being able to genuinely sell in an authentic way.

Imagine writing succinctly, even when you feel like you’re working with frazzled thoughts or complex ideas.

Imagine grabbing your audience’s attention from the very first word. Imagine showing them your solution to their problem. Imagine them connecting with that in a big, epic way.

Imagine making a real and lasting impact in your writing, marketing, and business.

What would that feel like?

What would it feel like to have the freedom to create and promote for your business?

To have the power and heart to market your epic business with insane heart?

To make an impact?

But there’s a real gap between where you are right and that future we just described.

One of the problems most people face in business and in life is that they try to change their results on their own. 

And they statistically fail because they cannot see their own blind spots.

To make a lasting change and a good investment for the future of you and your business, you need a strong support system and mentorship.

Online courses, info products, and eBooks can only take you so far. But getting a mentor who’s been there, knows the ropes, and can offer a fresh perspective and push you to new growth can take you so, so much farther.

And that’s where Writing with #InsaneHeart comes in.


This course is like nothing else on the market. A live-taught course with 6 weeks of classes, homework, and support, this epic course teaches my exact, step-by-step strategies for creating epic marketing and writing and communicating from a helpful and authentic place for your business.

This is my make an impact blueprint. 

You’ve been struggling with your business writing – from blog posts to content schedules to social media to sales pages. And if you could have improved your results on your own, you would have done it by now.

Instead, you need a structure and a close mentor to help you challenge your current your beliefs and stretch your knowledge.

Are you ready to go from meh to epic?

If a part of you is going, “This is exactly what I need for my writing and my creative business right now!” then I want to encourage you to say yes!

I know that these strategies work, and more than anything else, I would love to see you take your marketing from mediocre to awesome and start writing confidently and with authentic, genuine, and epic heart and impact!

This course is for you if you are…

A newbie creative entrepreneur

excited about making a strong impact and making some big bucks!

A blogger transitioning

into the business world and ready to up the ante in her marketing and communication.

A thriving one-woman shop

who wants to infuse more heart, personality, and sales power in her marketing.


Writing with #InsaneHeart is my step-by-step system for taking your business from bland to epic through heartfelt, authentic, and awesome writing and communication that sells without the sleaze.

No one else is offering a course this intimate around writing for your blog and business.

And I know no one else believes in epic media like I do!

This is not the place to talk about tactics with empty promises or get-rich-quick, one-stop-shop strategies.

In this course, we’re talking Hollywood-level, neck-tingling impact in your writing. We’re talking impact. And we’re talking big money with a big purpose and a big message.

Sound like the kind of support you need right now?

Course Outline

Module 1 // Thursday, June 30 // 9PM EST

   – Start the right business for you, your goals, and your experience
How do you know what business to start or how to monetize your blog? Learn my step-by-step system to build the business that you’re going to wake up excited about every morning!
   – Strategy for discovering and defining your purpose
Discover your personal and business purpose and get ready to rock your writing. You can’t communicate your insane value if you’re not sure about your purpose!
   – Maximize your productivity
Stay motivated and maximize your productivity through every stage of the creative process… even when you’re hurdling toward a deadline and want to do anything but write!

Module 2 // Wednesday, July 6 // 9PM EST
How-Tos and What-the-Hecks of Writing Online

   – Maximize your content
Learn the many different formats for online writing and get my templates to maximize your use of each, from blog posts to direct communication to sales pages, in order to write anything with heart, connection, and value!
   – Writing that sells
Learn the art and mastery of copywriting and how to empathize to your customers’ painpoints so that they KNOW you’re there for them!
   – Make it epic
Learn to use different structures and media to bring The Epic Factor to all that you do and write, and you’ll be standing out from all the competitors!
   – Go beyond blogging
Find out how to maximize your communication plan beyond your content calendar. 

Module 3 // Thursday, July 14 // 6PM EST
The Emotional Impact: How to Write Emotions into Your Business

 – Make people listen

Get my step-by-step list building techniques to get strategic about finding your audience and growing your list!
   – The power of conversion
Discover the power behind coversion rates and your writing’s ability to grow them, and learn how to create a sales page that actually sells!
   – Targeted communication strategies
Find out which communication strategies to implement for your business for a more authentic relationship with your audience and conversion rate!

Module 4 // Thursday, July 21 // 6PM EST
Finding Your Voice: How to Create a Unique Voice that Sells

   – Own your style
Learn how to adapt your writing style to the Internet and connect with your readers through personality and empathy.
   – Stand out from the crowd
Develop a strategy to stand out from the crowd when all of your competitors are saying the same thing!
   – Converting and maintain your voice
Find out how to develop your unique voice, and develop your lifestyle brand’s voice into a business setting (and vice versa)!

Module 5 // Thursday, July 28 // 6PM EST
Business Writing Without the Sleaze

   – Connect and convert
Learn how to write EPIC content that CONNECTS with your audience!
   – Empathize me
Find out how to write straight to your customers’ painpoints so that they KNOW you are there for them
   – Keeping it real
Learn strategies for empathizing with the customer dream without complicated philosophies or concepts and without getting your head stuck in the clouds!

Module 6 // Thursday, August 4 // 6PM EST
The Power and Place of Story

   – Get real for a sec
Learn how to use the power and connection of story strategically and with heart in your business writing!
   – Stories trump philosophies
Discover how to communicate your unique and complicated ideas without losing people
   – Stories + Business
How to use personality and story in your business strategy 



I know. The modules and group coaching weren’t enough for me either…

BONUS #1: 
The Ins and Outs of Content Marketing

Ever struggle to get your head around MailChimp, LeadPages, or any other content marketing software or technology? In this extra in-depth tech training, I’ll walk you through the HOW of these softwares – using examples – to help you master any content software you come to grips with in your marketing future! 

Applying Grammar + Marketing in Videos and Other Media

Writing is only the beginning of your communication and marketing plan! In this extra in-depth training, you’ll learn how to translate the pillars of expression, engagement, and the epic factor into multimedia, allowing you to use video, sound, and graphics in your content marketing for maximum epic impact! 

How-the-Heck SEO

SEO is a hot topic, and something that most of us just don’t understand. The bad advice runs rampant, and the good advice is often so techie it’s impossible to follow. In this extra in-depth tech training, you’ll learn the THEORY behind SEO as well as technological how to optimize your site for maximum search engine reach. You’ll walk away really understanding Google and how to use its power to your marketing advantage!

Writing for Algorithms

Ever had a Facebook ad get rejected because of wording or inappropriate language? Yea, me too. It’s obnoxious. In this extra in-depth tech training, we’ll talk about HOW Facebook and Google Ad algorithms work and what that means for your writing so that you won’t ever waste a stupid amount of money on worthless ads again! 

BONUS #5: 

This bonus is a SECRET! EEEP!  

BONUS #6: 

And so is this one!! (But trust me, they’re still epic!) 

Private Facebook Group

In addition to the bonus trainings, you’ll also get to join a private Facebook group created JUST for Writing with #InsaneHeart. I’ll be around all the time for answers and support, and you’ll meet a bunch of new awesome biz peeps! Plus this group will be around looooong after our course is over… so we’ll always be there to support ya! 

Email Support

Sometimes you just need a little bit of support! I get that! You’ll have free reign to email me anytime you want a bit of extra coaching. Throughout the course and after, I’ll be available to my lovely #InsaneHearters for clarity, motivation, or just a bit of tech help. Whatever you need!

Personalized Writing Review 

Get a bit of private coaching! You get to share one piece of writing of your choice with me and receive personal feedback and coaching via email. And trust me, I won’t skip. This isn’t a “That’s good” and we’re done sort of conversation. This is a in-depth, dig-deep, back-and-forth-for-ages-until-it’s-really-done sort of review! (You must take advantage of the writing review bonus before August 18, 2016).

*Bonuses will delivered on specified dates throughout the course. Some may be available before the course begins.*

How it works

This is serious stuff. (Just a warning)

Which means that this class is NOT for anyone who:

  • is looking for quick strategies to solve all their business problems without hard work and practice
  • is not ready or not willing to dedicate at least an hour a week to the classes and homework
  • loves buying online programs and then leaving them on the shelf unused (this is an interactive class!)
  • can’t commit to supporting and uplifting classmates and refraining from derogatory comments
  • wants some get-rich-quick plans that will guarantee their success






This is an epically-sized, live-taught, seminar class, featuring:

  • weekly live classes with a coaching element (meaning you’ll get to interact with me one-on-one in a group setting)
  • a maximum of 20 students
  • a replay of each class
  • weekly writing and marketing homework designed to enhance the training and help you put it into practice for your business
  • bonus group coaching calls
  • weekly eBooks outlining the concepts for the week for your reference


This is not an ecourse, an info product, or any other form of pre-packaged stuff. This is a group coaching class at it’s finest.

With loads of up-close-and-personal time with your coach and your fellow creatives, bloggers, and biz babes, we expect you to treat this space with reverence. 


Let’s talk investment.

Because that’s what this class is. It’s an investment.

The value of this class has been estimated at $1,220, while working with me one-on-one for the same timeframe as this course is about $1999. 

This is some seriously valuable ish.

But your investment is only $247. 

And though this is a group coaching course rather than a private coaching course, the limited size of the group as well as the opportunity for one-on-one work means that this course is a freaking brilliant business investment.

But even beyond the hard value of the course, there’s a bigger investment principle going on here.

You have a choice right now. You can either answer that quiet little voice that’s saying, “Yes, this is exactly what I need right now!” and enroll. Or you can reason your way out of it – whether because of cost, time, or value – and ignore that little voice of intuition.

But if you want to get different results in your future, you have to do something different. 

There is no other course on the market like this one – I know, I’ve checked! – and the value you’ll gain from your investment will be as epic as the content and writing that you start producing inside of it.

So I want to ask you two questions.

First, what will it cost you to take this leap?

If you enroll in this course, what will it cost you in time? 2 hours a week. Max.

If you enroll, what will it cost you in money? $247. Less than $4 a day.

if you enroll, what will it cost you in your business? Increased readership, higher conversions, more sales (hell, you could make an extra few thousand using these strategies!)

And my second question is this: what will it cost you to NOT take this leap?

A few more years of being stuck?

Hours spent redoing your writing everyday?

Days of procrastination?

Thousands in copywriting classes and fees?

Because there is a cost. You’re trading your life and your business everyday that you live with this problem and not doing anything about it, not taking the steps to invest in yourself and in your business.

Maybe this course really isn’t for you. And if that’s the case, I sincerely hope that you will seek out the investment and solution that is right for you.

And if this course is exactly what you need, I hope you will answer with a resounding yes.

Because you really do have a choice. To change your life and your business. Or to stay where you are.

And stuck and stagnant are not life at all. Businesses aren’t meant to stay still.

Right now is the time to make that choice. If you let yourself hesitate, all those excuses for not taking action will flood back in.

Will you say yes to yourself? Will you say yes to your business?

What happens when you enroll

As soon as you click the Enroll button, you will be taken to our PayPal payment page, where you can use any major credit card to make your payment.

You will then receive a receipt from PayPal and an email from me welcoming you to the course with ridiculous amounts of excitement!

You will also receive a detailed schedule of the course, information about accessing the calls and the recordings, and more information about the bonus schedule and your personal writing review.

If you have any questions before enrolling, you can always get in touch with me at hi@sarahelizabethlahoud.com.

Want a little social proof?

This stuff is the real deal! Check out some client love!

Clarity. Sarah Elizabeth hears everything you say but she really listens to what your heart is saying. And when that is reflected back to you by an “impartial observer”, the clarity hits you like a revelation… I was more committed than ever to push forward with my plans as I felt validated and focused after discussing my business hopes and my life priorities. Sarah Elizabeth is so easy to talk to, so business savvy and full of smarts that I wish I’d “met” her sooner in my creative journey!

Elle Richards

Blogger + Biz Owner, ElleRichards.com

Sarah Elizabeth was able to help shape my goals into specific actions and concrete steps. With her help, my jumbled mess of a writing sample was ironed out into a well thought out paper! She is easy to talk to, straightforward and able to see the big picture to help you achieve what you want. Sarah Elizabeth was always timely in her emails- despite the 8 hour time difference! She gave detailed criticisms and solutions in her responses. Sarah Elizabeth was an all around pleasure to work with and I’d love to work with her on future projects.
Ellison Avery O'Reilly


I felt much clearer on what I needed to do to achieve my goals. Sarah Elizabeth pulled no punches and told me what I needed to hear, rather than what I wanted to hear. She identified areas which I needed to revisit and gain clarity. Her no-nonsense, supportive approach, coupled with her ability to make you feel at ease, really helped me in gaining clarity around what I wanted to achieve and how to achieve it. I would recommend her to anyone needing support with their business and online communication.

Alison McClean

Blogger & Biz Owner

Who is even teaching all this stuff?

Sarah Elizabeth Lahoud

Sarah Elizabeth Lahoud

writing + media coach for creatives + entrepreneurs

I was a professional writer and content strategist for four years while writing my own blog on the side. While I could get great results for my clients, when it came to my own business, copywriting was a nightmare. I could never get my wording to be at once personable, professional, and unique AND SELL. (The ultimate goal for us one-woman-shops, right?)

I’ve spent years practicing, studying, and testing my skills, and my personal strategy has helped me build not only this big, fat, beautiful business you’re encountering now but has also helped me build my personal blog and teach many, many creatives, entrepreneurs, and bloggers to do the same.

A writer, musician, teacher, sound engineer, content strategist, and blogger, I know how hard it can be not only to market and strategically grow your creative business but also to discover and define your business’s purpose (especially if you have a stupid amount of interests…. like me!)

With Writing with #InsaneHeart, I am peeling back the veil on my writing, communication, and marketing strategies and savvy, and I’m sharing everything that I know in a super intense, highly personalized, and awesomely friendly environment.  I’m also excited to offer this opportunity for up close and personal business coaching. I know how valuable mentorship and structure can be, and this group coaching course offers just that: mentoring and a system to take your creative business from concept to reality to epic.

Are you ready to say yes? Ready to kick ass with your writing? Sell more? Bigger impact? Heartfelt communication?

Heck yea, you are!

Need a guarantee?

This course is going to be amazing, and if you’re feeling that little voice screaming, “Yes!”, then I want to make sure you’re going to try it.

But I know that sometimes our head needs a little reassurance.

So, I’m inviting you to try the course for 30 days (that’s at least 2 classes, depending on when you sign up!) and if it’s not for you, I’ll refund your full payment. 

If after 30 days from purchase, you decide the course is not for you, I’ll refund your full payment, if:

  • you tuned into all the calls live and participated
  • you completed all of the homework
  • you reached out to me via email for your writing review coaching

If you actively participate and realize this course just isn’t want you need right now, no problem! Money back. Simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the live calls?

We’ll be using Zoom to host the calls, which is a fantastic platform that allows us to SEE each other (yes, you read that right). This is perfect for the group coaching, which means that I’ll be teaching my class but also able to speak directly with you during our group coaching. Zoom also allows you to phone in or participate audio only. More details will be shared once you enroll.

What if I can't make one of the calls?

With the weird time zones of all of you lovely people (including me!), I think missing a call or two might be inevitable. So never fear! All calls will be recorded and sent to you to download and keep!

When will I receive the bonuses?

The bonuses will be released on specific days and delivered to you throughout the course. Some of them are graduation bonuses, such as the two secret bonuses (meaning you will receive them after the modules finish).

How long will I have access to the course materials?

As this isn’t an ecourse or info product, there is not “access” per se. Instead, the course consists of live classes and group coaching calls plus downloadable trainings and PDFs. All class recordings will be delivered to you individually and are available as downloads.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Unfortunately, no I do not. The cost of the course is a one-time payment of $247, which includes absolutely all of the modules and all of the bonuses, plus the private coaching/email support. The total value of the course is more than $900. $247 is already a steal! (But if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to get in touch at hi@sarahelizabethlahoud.com)

Join the waitlist to stay looped about the next enrollment period!

Will you join us?