Who am I and who I work with

I work with creative, entrepreneurial women who are frustrated and overwhelmed with implementing their creative business ideas, and I help them to instead implement their creative biz ideas using tech and strategy so that they can have a real business that they love, that works, that makes bank, and that helps, serves, and enables them to live a life that they love with the people they love.


My clients…

  • are patient, persistent, and consistent
  • are ready, willing, and able to get stuff done
  • are action takers
  • want this bad enough
  • remain open and curious
  • trust themselves
  • are open and excited about clarity
  • own their own stuff
  • have a sense of their business and purpose
  • are incredibly resourceful
  • are committed to change and growth, and are ready to get uncomfortable to get there
  • respect and appreciate me
  • are decision makers
  • show up on time for calls and respect my policies

If that sounds like you, I would love to have you on a Power Sesh, a free 1:1 call where we will talk about you, your business, your next steps, and whether we might be a great fit to work together.

My business is busy, and I work with a lot of really amazing women. This is not a free coaching session, this is where we’ll get together and figure out if we’re a good fit to work together.

how it works

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