I Get Sh!t Done, the productivity course for creative entrepreneurs

You’re overwhelmed with online programs.

You are spinning in circles in your business and always pushing goals off from one month to the next.

You need to take a break, implement what you’ve planned and worked on.

And you need to get shit done.

You started a business for a reason…

To have time

To be able to sleep in sometimes, work in a cafe or on your friend’s futon, to be able to pick the kids up from school, take extended sick time when your mother is sick, and book a two week vacation in the Bahamas without having to ask permission.

To make money

To sell your products and services, to use your own creativity to make money, to have the potential for a huge impact and paycheck, and to make money to live your life, treat yourself, and take care of your friends and family (or just buy the groceries) without worry.

And to do cool shit

To create space for your dreams where none existed in the market, because you didn’t see an existing job or love your job, to give purpose to your passions, to build your dream life, and to make space for yourself and for those who come behind you.

And to that effect, you’ve invested a lot of resources…

Money in online courses, programs, and products to try to learn all the different skills you need as you build your business and start making money in your new creative endeavor. So many skills to learn, so little time. And then there’s the whole booking paying clients goal, too… 


Time in those programs, in your day-to-day to-do list, in your client work and your marketing efforts to book more clients and update your strategies, and in REDOING everything when stuff stops working or you learn something new. AND of course there’s the time you spend (hours, if you’re anything like me…) in recalculating your goals every few days, weeks, and months, as you don’t reach the goals from last month and have to re-adapt them. Talk about a belief-in-yourself-killer.


Like every month is this big, huge struggle, and it feels like you’re constantly in interim mode, it hasn’t been that long, you can get that stuff done tomorrow.

But then you look back at the books, your calendar, and you realize… It’s been AGES since you set that goal to finish that program, learn that skill, finish that project, reach that profit goal, or reach that business milestone.

And you still haven’t gotten shit done. 

YOU’RE RIGHT! This is ridiculous.

I want to get shit done.

Grab I Get Shit Done, the productivity course for creative entrepreneurs

I absolutely know how that feels.

I grew up as the ultimate procrastinator.

I’d start big projects the night before they were due.

I used to plan out how many times a week I could get away without doing my homework without getting in trouble. (Three demerits were a detention. I made sure I never got more than two.)

And I remember believing when someone told me I would never succeed because I was a procrastinator. I would never succeed unless I started working really hard. That I didn’t deserve the success I was getting unless I worked harder.


But I did all that because I knew myself. I knew what to expect. I knew how long it would take me to get certain tasks done. I knew that nothing could surprise me, not because unexpected things didn’t happen but because I was so familiar with my environment and my own abilities within that environment that I could just get stuff done when it needed to get done.

I was comfortable, familiar, and – for all intents and purposes – productive.

But when I went to tech school, I had my first complete freak out experience. 

The first big assignment that was due, I had started pretty early because I was unfamiliar with the tech world. Grand.

But when it came time to turn it in, I had, it turned out, underestimated how much time a particular process toward the end, called muxing, would take.

I managed to get the project in on time, but only barely.


Throughout my work in tech and sound, it took me a really long time to get to a point where I was getting stuff done proactively, without massive procrastination and avoidance. And honestly, I couldn’t figure out, even when I had started to feel confident and comfortable, what I had changed in order to get to a place of productivity in that sphere of work.

But when I started my first online business, that sense of OH MY FREAKING GOSH, I have so many ideas, there’s so much to learn, so much work to do, not enough hours in the day, procrastination paired with ridiculous frazzle-brained work ethnic, returned. 


And I instantly knew what was wrong.

It was two things.

A) I was in unfamiliar territory, trying to do stuff I really hadn’t much experience in. I was in unfamiliar surroundings, I was working on projects of a type I’d never worked on before, and I didn’t know how long each task was going to take me or even if the tasks I was deciding to focus on were even the right ones.

B) And, of course, on top of all of the above, I was CHARGING MONEY for this stuff, which puts a whole other level of holy crap, am I WORTH my own fees? So part of me wanted to avoid it all and just not get it wrong.

So I had to learn how to set clear yet big goals, break them down into strategies – even if I had no idea what I was doing – and get stuff done while keeping my head in the game.

No small task.

Now I can get stuff done, every single time I set a big goal, even when I’m stepping into a new role.

With this system, I’ve been able to:

  • Start my online creative business
  • Book my first few clients
  • And then book out my 1:1 practice
  • Have my first $4000+ month (after six months of > $300)
  • And even finish this productivity course for you!

I learned how to get shit done, and I started teaching it to my clients.

Because we’ve all got big dreams, big creative things to be doing, and struggle to get shit done.

How It Works

In order to get shit done in your creative business, you have to address both A and B parts of the problem.

A) Figure out what you need to be doing in order to reach your goal, even if you’re in a totally new project environment.

B) Keep your head in the game, even as the mean inner critic pipes up a bunch of crap about how you’re definitely not going to be able to do this big creative stuff.

In this expansive productivity training, you’ll learn my step-by-simple-step strategy for setting goals, building strategies, and becoming a productivity powerhouse.

This simple system is the same one I use myself and with each and everyone of my clients.


And the best part is that it’s INCREDIBLY bite-sized. I know you’ve got a lot of calls on your time and resources. I’m not going to waste. I’m going to make all the rest of the time you spend working on your creative business insanely productive, so that those three reasons you started your business in the first place can start happening a lot faster – more time, more money, and more doing cool, creative stuff – and a lot less overwhelming. 


What happens when you click that button, yo:

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Investment: $59 of your moolah and a few hours of your life to get sh!t done forevermore…

Sarah really has a fearless and inspiring ‘wake up, shake up’ approach to push you out of that comfort zone and follow the real dream, rather than the one that you convince yourself to follow just because it seems easier and safer. I love Sarah’s commitment to help you to push through the barriers that are stopping you, even when you are convinced they aren’t barriers at all. Thank you so much Sarah!

Ria Gor

Coach + Marketer, The Creative Penguin

[Sarah’s] no-nonsense, supportive approach, coupled with her ability to make you feel at ease, really helped me in gaining clarity around what I wanted to achieve and how to achieve it. I would recommend her to anyone needing support with their business and online communication.
Alison McLean

Blogger + Biz Owner

Sarah Elizabeth was able to help shape my goals into specific actions and concrete steps. With her help, my jumbled mess of a writing sample was ironed out into a well thought out paper! She is easy to talk to, straightforward and able to see the big picture to help you achieve what you want.

Ellison Avery O'Reilly


How it works: 

  • click the button
  • pay securely with PayPal
  • get sh!t done (in your inbox)

Investment: $59 of your moolah and a few hours of your life to get sh!t done forevermore…