I believe life is epic.

And your business should be, too.

We’re all tired of copycatting the formulas and strategies, the one-way-to-do-this-stuff thinking in the “creative” world. We’re creative entrepreneurs – writers, bloggers, filmmakers, healers, yogis – we’re freaking epic people.

But we’re not acting like it.

I want to change that.

It’s time for you to stop following and start creating.

It’s time to create some epic stuff.

I help creative entrepreneurs create epic stuff.

You know those neck-hair tingles? When do you get them?

When you read a sales page?

Or when you see a movie trailer?

When you watch a webinar?

Or when you read the last line of the seventh Harry Potter book?

When you work in your business?

Or when you watch what someone else has created?