Blog Post Maybe It's Time to make a decision

Every day, we face risk and failure.

It may not always look like that, but that’s exactly what’s happening. As a very sensitive (maybe some would say morbid) person, I’m often looking at situations for the worst possible outcome, and usually they’re the kind of outcomes that some would call crazy and extremely unlikely possibilities. What I mean to say is that I’m not walking straight into a burning building or face to face with an angry tiger. But I can see the possibility for so much negativity everywhere. Maybe it’s sensitivity. Maybe it’s fear. Maybe it’s a condition that I should have checked out. But it’s a power I have. I can see the risk of living life all over the place.

I could get hit but that crazy double decker bus that’s plowing through town on my way to Starbucks.

My boyfriend could trip off a curb and bump his head.

My whole family could get avalanched into their house, and I wouldn’t be able to get in to visit at Christmastime while they play fun games without me.

Any one of us could come down with an inexplicable and horrible disease.

I’m focusing on more humorous negative possibilities (because a part of me still doesn’t want to tempt fate), but my point is simply this.

That even while taking no risks at all, we are at risk.

Of danger. Of disaster. Of life-altering badness.

And so to stay still, stuck, not moving is not the same as staying safe. But it’s the same as a sitting duck.

Because if you do nothing, something will still happen.

It is only when we move that we get to make a choice about how we are living, about what is happening in our lives, about whether we are acting or reacting, really living, and living big. 

When we need to make a decision, we do the strangest thing. We faff about for a while, not sure which way to turn, what to do, what’s going to be the best thing. We put off making the decision because we say we’re not sure (but really we’re just scared of making the wrong choice or of making a choice that we’re ultimately not happy with… and then, of course, we’d die).

And instead of listening to that little voice that’s whispering, You already know the freaking answer! we go out and ask everyone else what they think. 

And we use their answers to justify our decision to ourselves.

By taking the advice of others, we quite literally logic ourselves into believing our fears. 

The words of others confirm those fears that we “knew were right all along” when in fact what we’re really doing is simply taking advice from people who, despite their best intentions, really have no understanding of what we truly need and so we deny ourselves the gift and the risk and the really living of listening to and (here’s the big one) trusting our gut.

And these decisions, based on logicked fear, are the usually the ones that we question over and over and over again long after they’re made.

How many times have you regretted making a big fat decision from your heart? 

Maybe it didn’t turn out well. Maybe it “failed” miserably. But did you really regret it?

I get that you’ve tried things before, invested in stuff before, made decisions before that failed miserably. I get that it’s scary to put yourself back out there, to make an investment, make a decision, make a commitment when there’s a big part of you that’s saying, yea, that’ll probably never work.

But if there’s another part of you, however faint, that is whispering go for it, go for it. 

That’s the part of you that knows what’s up.

That part of you that’s saying nope! is always there. But when a decision is truly a no, you’ll know. You won’t even still be reading this blog post. You’ll be so like, not interested at all, that you’ll just walk away.

But when you trust yourself, when you trust that whatever decision, investment, choice, commitment you make will be for you, when you trust that your life will not end if you make the “wrong” decision, when you trust that there is no wrong decision, that even the bad ones are good ones and they’re there for you, you can’t go wrong. 

That tiny voice has value and purpose. And so do you.

So give yourself some credit.

And go live yourself some life.


Big love,





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