I want you to be real with me for a second because I’m about to get real with you. 

I have days in my life where I can’t seem to pull my eyes away from Facebook, crazy cat videos, or looking for the “perfect” GIF to respond to a friend’s ridiculous chats.






Do you?

Some call it self-sabotaging behavior; some call it laziness. And I’ve actually heard other people with similar behaviors say about themselves, “I obviously just don’t want it enough.”

Um, that’s a horrible thing to put on yourself.

But today, in the spirit of realness, I’m calling BS. 

You’re not sabotaging yourself. You’re protecting yourself.

You’re not lazy. You’re protecting yourself.

And you don’t obviously not want something (Also I don’t care about the double negatives in that sentence, so no need to correct my grammar. #BAinEnglish). You’re protecting yourself.

You’re scared.

You’re scared you’re not good enough. You’re scared of failing because it will mean that your worst fears are true – that your dreams are as stupid as your family told you they were.

You’re scared of not making any money because of what might happen if you put all this time into your business and it doesn’t pay off.

You’re scared that you don’t have that secret sauce of what it takes – the passion, the talent, the genius, the grit, whatever it is that people like Beethoven, Steve Jobs, and Britney Spears have.

If you notice behaviors in yourself like procrastinating, losing your sense of positivity in all its forms, or fighting with the hubby when you’re stressed and overwhelmed, before you reach the GOSH, I’m such a mess! conclusion, consider what fears or beliefs are underlying that stuff. 

And while we often procrastinate, get overwhelmed, get confused, can’t figure out what to do next, can’t see how to do anything, fail, take on a lot of jobs outside our Zone of Genius because we’re worried about the money, and whatever else, all the time we say:

– I just don’t have enough time.

– My time is better spent GETTING stuff done rather than learning more about how to get stuff done
– I have never been able to achieve that big business goal before – making money, booking out, launching my program – so what if I’m just not going to be good enough at the end of the day?

Today, I’m suggesting that
a) figuring out HOW to get to your goals is simpler than you think, and
b) figuring out HOW might not be the only thing stopping you. 

Every year, we set these big goals (or every quarter or month or week or day), and every day we set ourselves a to-do list, and sooooo often we just don’t get that stuff DONE, we get crazy overwhelmed, and we just rewrite our to-do list for tomorrow and beat ourselves up for today.

We fluctuate between feeling SUPER positive about ourselves, our business, and all the rabbits frolicking in the fields and feeling SUPER negative about ourselves, our business, and our boyfriends who just NEVER freaking understand ANYTHING.

But sustainable positivity comes with belief. And that comes with clearing out all the fears.

We’ve all heard that building a business requires more mindset work than strategy. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the same is true in goal setting and getting that stuff DONE.

We’re walking around scared out of our skins of actually launching, of actually growing (or even officially STARTING our businesses), and – big deal – we’re struggling to figure out where to start!

Where do you even start when your goal is “launch your program in 2017” if you’ve never done it before? HOW THE HECK, SARAH ELIZABETH, you say, do you figure out where to start? And how do you know if it’s even going to work? Ain’t nobody want to waste their time any more! 

So, as I’ve shared before, you will break your big goal down and down and down until you have really simple baby steps.

But then you’ll catch yourself procrastinating, getting overwhelmed, or whatever other behavior again! 

And you’ll know it’s a belief problem.

So the question becomes HOW THE HECK, SARAH ELIZABETH, you say, do you start figuring out how to clear out negative beliefs and fears that are stopping you in your business (and life)?

The same way. By breaking it down, simply and clearly, into baby steps.

And here’s the final bit of reality for you. 

You’re not going to fully believe you can grow (or start) your business, be booked out, launch your program, and make money, until you do it. 

So stop waiting for belief to happen. 

Set your goals (they don’t have to be your forever goals).

Figure out how to get there (doesn’t have to be perfect. Any strategy that you will commit to works).

And follow the baby steps you’ve outlined for yourself.

Give yourself a hug. Get a great strategy in front of you. A comforting cup of coffee. And keep going.

In I Get Sh!t Going, a mini ecourse training with workbooks, podcast lessons, and a bonus live-taught workshop, you will not only set goals, I will show you how to set goals that align with your purpose and passion, visualize your way to success, break down what’s stopped you up until now, and how you can push forward into the future.

You will figure out HOW. You will face your negative beliefs. And you’ll figure out HOW again.

If you haven’t been able to make any money in your business up until now, if you haven’t been able to break the plateau of people on your email list, if you have caught yourself getting procastinatory (#I’mstillanEnglishgraduate), overwhelmed, or confused, I would love to help you bust through that block. 

I would love to Get Sh!t Done with you!

Because if you’re not going to do it this year, in this bright new 2017 of new beginnings, my dear, when will you?

We’ll never feel ready. The same way belief comes with action (which is frustrating as hell because I wish the Universe would just inject me with heroic belief already), you will never, ever, ever feel ready.

Money will always be a factor.

Family will always be a factor.

Life, jobs, kids, Mercury Retrograde, will always be factors.

I want to help you realize that YOU have the power to figure out how to do ALLL of this, and I want to give you the tools to make it happen.

No more doubtful voices stopping you.

No more shiny penny syndrome (a particular plight unique to online creative entrepreneurs and their coaches).

No more any other worryworts in your head or wiggle room for distraction.

Big things happen when you start getting sh!t done. 


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